I’ve been waiting quite patiently for the Sisters to speak on the 11th gate we’ve just entered… I feel them coming in now with… Well, honestly, I have no idea. Hee Hee… But, that’s  neither here nor there when you are  a scribe. I’ll just say this… I hope your light is bright, your sword sharpened, your boots well-soled, shined and ready to travel. 😉


Greetings from the stars….

It is I, or we, as it were… The Seven Sisters… Thousands that choose to speak as one. Someday, the oneness that is all of of you, will remember that you are such, and will use your voice as one, to continue to change the course of your planet, and thereby the universe. (smile)

We come to you with great excitement, this beautiful time of change, of love and of potential that you have brought about with the entrance of this 11th gate. This beautiful portal of potential that has opened and pours forth beautiful, healing, blindingly bright light into your world. We are in such awe of you, in such love of you– The human angel, as it comes more and more into being, inspires and awes all across the universe who choose to pay attention. And, make no mistake… we are ALL paying attention to you young creators as you transform yourselves, and the universe in how it has thought of itself. Oh yes…it thinks…it reacts…it is conscious. It does not do so the way in which you do, but, it is indeed alive. It is constantly giving birth to more of itself…this is what infinity truly means.

So…what are we to discuss today. It’s funny the love and trust the scribe has for us. As when we call her to speak on our behalf, she has no idea what we want to share, discuss, or announce. She looks out into the blackness, the nothingness of space, with its twinkling stars… and, she waits… She waits for the picture, the words, the emotions, the feelings to show up. She is quite good at this, often times better than she gives herself credit for… We love her dearly for being our voice here. And, dear reader she loves you…more so than she dares admit. Otherwise, she would not allow herself to be used, or to be a conduit aka channel in this way. She loves greatly.

Masters…we call you this, for you are such. And, that is what the 11th gate is a reminder of. You…all of you came here to play this elaborate, beautiful game, to allow source to make itself anew with the evolution of you all, and your beautiful planet terra earth. The gorgeous Gaia, long has she kept you–it is time now that you seek your own council, that you step forward and be the masters that you already are. We understand that this news may come as a shock to some of you all, but, we assure you–you know what you are doing as long as your sacred heart leads your sacred mind, and you remain in alignment with all there is. See how simply we put that information, yet, we observe that so many have such a hard time embracing their own greatness, as they find that they feel they are not worthy of such an existence. But, dear souls, this is who you were long before you were born. And, we do not mean the life in which are currently living, but, all your lives. You are God also…it’s been said may times, by many beings, channeled over time. And, yet–yet, still…the human, with the human genetic make up, with its DNA untapped, and rampant moanings of the human ego… It still has trouble accepting this truth. YOU ARE GREAT, accept it, flourish with this truth, run with it… grow with it…change the universe with it. We implore you…show us, show yourselves, the beauty yet to come for us all… The radiant lights, frequencies, vibrations and colors that have yet to make their way to existence, because you as creators have not brought them to fruition.

For us, this is like a great party. We celebrate with you, we are fascinated, and “glued to our tv sets”, so to speak, wondering what beautiful storylines you will create with your time and existence in this realm. Many of you have come great distances to be in this time of now. Many have traveled far to be apart of this massive undertaking of the birth of a new world, a new universe…. We are all transforming and are transformed by your efforts. So please do not give up in remembering yourself, masters… It’s wonderful… all of it, no matter what it looks like. It’s wonderful.

One of the best things about this gate is all of the beautiful (the scribe thinks we use this word too much) energies that are now available. The source energies, are like the missing ingredients to make a recipe go from good to great. The scribe has noticed that her own psychic and healing gifts are so much easier to wield after 11/11/11… Manifestation is like flipping a switch, whereas before, it was like trudging an up a mountain saturated in mud–not impossible, but, often times a challegne. This is no longer the case. And, that is surprising to a many lightworker. Work is no longer work…its become easy. It’s become more enjoyable…and, that is a blessing. For so much effort has been put in–in the past, and perhaps the pay-off, for some seemed to be pale in comparisson the amount of effort used. This is no longer the case. Like the magicians, wizards and sorcerers you are…the manifestation will come at the flick of a wrist, the wink of an eye, or wrinkle of a nose. Easily… That too, will throw many off course, as they feel they know how these things work. But, no…no…things are different, things are new. And, once again, the beginner’s mind, the student’s attitude, will be needed. Forget what you thought you knew, and allow yourself to observe, study, and recieve this new wisdom. And, practice enjoying not knowing how things work at first. This is how it’s always been for humans. Evolution has been a journey of having no clue, to innovation, to knowing…and, evolving once more. Do you not see the excitement in this? Do you not understand how wonderous this can all be if you choose to look it as such?!

All in light applaud you in these most wonderous times. We are so excited to see what you will do next. So, what will it be?? Think of yourselves in a different light, and different energies will find their way to you to assist in any way they can. Why? Because you are master magicans, lightworkers… divine beings. And, you will bring us all with you into an unknown, an uncharted new universal era. We are ready… are you?

Until next time… we so love you. We are ready to assist in any way that we can. We are with you, even when it seems you are alone. –Not just the Seven Sisters…but, all the lights across space and time. And, rest assured…the time is and will alwasy be… NOW. (smile)

Be love, for you are love,

The Seven Sisters

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