Note from Monica: I will tell you all right now, I have an idea as to what is about to be shared by the Seven Sisters, and I am going to completely get out of the way and let them have their say. It may be hard to accept, or comprehend, if you aren’t at a certain level of awareness, and if you cannot see the thread that connects us all. But, the message will be channeled nonetheless.



We are the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades… We come to you now with questions and observations…

What matters most?

Critical mass is upon many, the first leg of the great shift is nearing completion. Many are awakening, as others feel an odd sensation in their lives… Something is happening, something they cannot quite put their finger on. It’s as if the carpet is slowly being pulled from beneath their feet. Secretly, they think, “I should probably walk forward and get off of this thing. But, maybe if I stay here it will stop.” We tell you… No. No… The rug, the ground beneath your feet is moving… Did you not notice that Gaia is shifting in the strangest of places (referring to the earthquake in Maine a few days ago)?? You cannot stop what you’ve already set in motion. And, what is this?? What is this shift? It’s your evolution, your remembering of your divine selves, and incorporating that part of you, into the you that is in the here– and the you that is now.

Our scribe got a vision many years ago of a tattoo. She knew the tattoo was meant for she and her nephew, David. They are soul mates in a matter of speaking. She and he set out to find a tattoo of the Chinese Character that represents the word “Family”. They both wear this tattoo, and have done so for many years. It wasn’t until many moons after the tattoo had healed, that she found out its meaning on a deeper level. When getting one of her beauty treatments an Asian woman asked her if she knew what the tattoo meant. Her reply, “Family.” And, the woman responded, “No… It means more that just family–like mother, father, sister, brother. It means great family–Like plants, animals, black people, white people, asian people… the universe! It means Great Family, Universal Family!” Our scribe was in awe of the true message she was given in her vision, personified in her tattoo. This adventure is much bigger than your family that you think you have, it is about the family you have all over creation. You are part of a “Great Family”– A “Universal Family”. All things in all of creation are related. We ask you to allow that energy into your conscience. Breathe with it. What does it mean, if you are related to everything, and everyone in all of creation??

So, this is where we wonder why it is that some of you believe that some members of your family deserve things, and others do not? Why should some have more than they require, while others do not have anything at all? Who are the designers of the idea, that your planet does not provide everything that you all need? Who benefits from this farce? This illusion? When did it all begin? And, most importantly… Why? The why, we can tell you. Once upon a time… you all knew that you were family. And, at some point, you chose to forget. So the same planet that could provide everything for everyone, now “seemingly” has a shortage of it’s ability to provide food, shelter and clothing. Or, has someone realized that the withholding of those things, is a wonderful (if not horrible) way to control large groups of people? –Not only that, but, if one looks deeper, the withholding of food, shelter and clothing causes a great divide between those who have been convinced they deserve little to nothing, and those that have been convinced they deserve more than their share. Now…the family is divided. And, over time… you forget that you are family in the first place. Where there were souls who recognized the creator in one another, now, there are strangers in fear of one another.

We are watching the remembrance of family unfold. We are watching the pebbles, one by one roll down deep into the valley of consciousness, until it reaches the lake. And, in the lake these pebbles will create great ripples, great waves, a great disturbance. And, this knowingness, this remembrance, this love…will find it’s way back to all of you again. You will remember. Take heart it will happen. It has already happened, you need only experience it for yourselves.

So…as you continue about your lives… As you reflect on yourselves, your experiences with one another. Remember… you are part of all that is… Even in the nothing, there is all… You are part of a Great Family… And, it is well… The Family of all things holds strong, is beautiful, and is vast beyond imagining… There are no enemy here… There is only confusion. But, remember… Light comes, and it will reveal all that has been lost in the dark. We promise. 😉

We leave you dear earth Angels, with our love, our respect, and our service in whatever way that we can….

Be love, for you are love.

The Seven Sisters


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