I highly recommend the zen activity of cleaning your home as a way to get messages from the universe. It keeps you physically active while something else can reach your mind, consciousness, or spirit.
So, I’ve just finished cleaning and it has occurred to me that even the people who mean well, the people who “think” they are different in their philosphy of life can be dead wrong! I believe this was the case in the job I just had. As I stated before, the boss was so highly spoken of, regarding how “nice” is he. So, “nice.” Again, I do not like that word! Nice, means acceptable, polite, politically correct, you always “seem” to do the right thing. The right thing according to society. And, we all know society is pretty twisted. In this person’s office, I saw all three books by his holiness, the Dali Lama. I saw books by Cornel West, on racism in America, and books on diversity. I saw books on innovative ways to manage and motivate people in business. Books, books, and more books. Here lies the problem: While this man studies, belongs to charities, is the president of at least one, and is so “nice” to his staff, and has all of these tangible trophy-like things that prove how nice he is–I still think he’s more technical than intuititve.  Meaning: although his mind is into what he’s doing,  his heart isn’t.
Why do rich people give away money? Three reasons: 1. Huge tax break from the government. 2. To alleviate the guilt of having ridiculous amounts of disposable income. 3. Access to more people with money, to accumulate more wealth for yourself! Now, I will not say that none of them care about those less fortunate. But, in all of these charities, how many of these “generous” people give as much time as they do greenbacks?! They aren’t out their volunteering at a soup kitchen to see how their dollars are spent, or even if their money is reaching the people who desperately need it! They aren’t talking with these people like norman human beings, and listening to small stories and moments in these people’s lives. In fact, they aren’t acknowledging them at all! They write checks, go to parties, and then at the end of the year, get it all back in the tax breaks! It’s kinda like a parent who buys you everything you want, but, can’t find two minutes to just talk to you! It’s disgusting!
So, this man… I actually feel sorry for him. He tries to do the “right” thing all the time. He tries to motivate his staff to be nice, compassionate people. Yet, still…there’s something missing. And, that’s the honesty of why he’s doing what he’s doing. Is it because you really care about people? Or, is it because you do what’s expected? As a therapist, “nice” person, and all around do-gooder, how could he have let this anxiety-ridden, self-destructive, insecure, pleaser of a woman work for him for 5 years, and never let her know, that something is WRONG! Is that leadership? I don’t think so! So, what she’s a secretary, and you manage managers–she’s a human being, yes? You give to charities, yes? So, then why did he allow this situation to continue? Why did he not trust his own judgement insofar as hiring me? Why did he not tell me himself that he felt he’d made a mistake? Is this how “nice” people handle real-life situations? By being a coward? Side-stepping, hiding behind other people? Conforming to exactly what you’re supposedly working against?! In the end, I believe that he enjoyed having this mentally and emotionally crippled woman work for him. She is only to happy to follow, conform and please, even if it hurts her personally. Why? Because she grew up thinking that she’d never amount to much. I’m not speculating, that’s what she told me herself. So, is he still a “nice” guy? Ummm…no. He isn’t. He’s a liar, and there’s not enough books and charities to cover up that fact. It’s like the old proveb says, “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” And, this “nice” guy, isn’t sharing he’s knowledge of how to feed yourself. He’s making you depend on his “niceness” for you to eat. Truly, manipulative. So…yes, please, keep your job–I’d rather keep my soul.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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