Gosh…My life, is so amazing… Seriously, a lot of it I plan and the rest…results of good intentions. I’m so blessed.
Today, I incorporated my second business endeavor with my two partners. The ManChild Project…HOLLA! So, yep, that would make me the proud co-owner of two companies–a lingerie store, and a film co. I don’t know what other people’s dreams look like, but, mine??? My dreams look a lot like what I’m living! Now, I guess if I were normal, I would be a little frightend by the amount of time, money  and energy that these two things will require to get to you guys, my customers. But…nah…I’m not. Not at all. It’s all a matter of time, you know? As long as you “can’t stop, won’t stop”, things have got to happen. That’s just the way it goes.
Last weekend I had some awesome opportunities present themselves to me. On Friday night before Shrine… played, I was privileged enough to be moved by the  poetic/musical blessing that is a man named Ngoma–please, please check him out. He’s on my friend’s list. You’ll thank me. And, got to lend my cinematic eye to video for Shrine too! God…I’d forgotten how much I love being behind a camera! World’s are colliding for me for a bigger bang out of my life experience. Yes, yes, y’all!!!
On Sunday, when I was just going to Bed Bath Beyond to buy a new vaccum when,  I was pulled into a shoot for a cable access show. Yo, check out Sam Murdock’s page here at myspace. He’s funny. And, he and his boy are trying to make somethings happen in the boogiedown. Anyway, they somehow got me on camera, and there maybe some business there for all of us to do together…hey, we’ll see. I’m down for artists helping artists be heard, you  know what I mean? So…we’ll see.  
This weekend will be beautiful cause I have members of my tribe coming to hang with me in Brook… wait, techinically it’s Queens, but…whatever… They are coming to grace The Lilypad with their light and I’m totally grateful.
The other day, I had this musicial fit and just downloaded all this music, and I laugh at how varied my taste are. I downloaded everything from Korn to Al Green from Nina Simone to Gun’s ‘N Roses!!!! I am such a kaliedoscope of a person. “Kaliedoscope”, remember that name you heard??? It’s the name of a character in a play I wrote, and she’s coming to you in the near furture.
“Birds in the sky…you know how I feel… I’m feeling good!!!!”
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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