Fellow beings, we are one, it’s true. But, it is also true that we are many of that one. While we can appreciate, cherish and uplift one another for the many things we have in common, we should also rejoice, celebrate and show gratitude for our individuality. So, why is it that we frown on individuality? Why do we pretend to think as a mass, when it simply isn’t so, nor possible. You have your own mind, with your own thoughts, likes and dislikes. Why do you not trust that? Why do you put the opinions, definitions, and experiences of the group above your own?

I often wonder what the world would look like if we encouraged individuality, the way we demand group-think. In a country where teen suicide is becoming increasingly problematic, its obvious to me, our future is something we need to think about. Our children are bullying one another because of their differences. But, how is this any different than adults bullying one another for their differences?? I don’t know that it is. Whether it be political, religious, cultural, or sexual–we have a birthright to think for ourselves. And, to coerce, threaten or shame others into being like us cannot have a positive outcome, no matter how you slice it.

So, why??? Why do we do this?

Ut oh, it’s our old friend: insecurity. At some point in time, we will all have a battle or two with this human trait. There’s a kind of twisted comfort in being a part of a group, even when you’re not. There’s this idea that if there’s a majority in agreement of an idea that the idea must be right. But, hasn’t history taught us otherwise? Groups that become too big, too powerful, too all-encompassing, don’t survive. Why is that? Well, because…You and I are one, but, we aren’t one another.

Each soul walking around in a humanoid form is its own. We cannot be replicated anywhere in the universe. Your signature is yours. The mold was broken after you were made. How exciting is that? If you don’t find that exciting, think of it this way–you have no competition when it comes to you living your life, because no one can do it better than you. It’s impossible. So, there’s no need to be too hard on yourself, and every opportunity to enjoy yourself.  There is no one who’ll have your laugh, your walk, your quirks, the gleam in your eye when you’re excited, or, the shrill of your voice when you’re angry. Nope…just you.

The challenge, or for optimist like myself, the opportunity, is interacting with all the other “finger prints” of the earth. Rather than appreciating the individual instrument we bring to life’s symphony, we want them all to be the same. And, if they cannot–which they cannot, we want them to at least pretend they are. Our other foe has come to greet us: control. We are so preoccupied with controlling things beyond our control: the weather, the money, the planet, people, nature, etc…. Poor little humans, you’re part of creation, not the creator of creation. Please…make that a mantra, would you? Rather than controlling one another, could you just get the hang of yourselves?! I mean, that’s something you can actually control–and, nothing more, by the way.

As we continue to live through a time where the old ways of doing things is falling into oblivion, it’s not “them” we should be looking to–to make our lives better, but, the person who can effect the most significant change: ourselves. Once you decide to concentrate your efforts of  “validation”, and “control” onto yourself, once you decide that being you in all your glory is okay–you can appreciate others doing the same. The key is to appreciate, rather than criticize–it is observe, rather than dictate. That isn’t to say that we should forget we are one, but, to be open to the idea there are unexplored ways to express our oneness. If all in creation is truly a symphony, then when we express ourselves as individuals, the new harmonies created will be endless. And, that to me, is a world worth exploring.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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