When you hug someone, do you understand it’s a gift? Do you get that? When you reject one, do you understand that it’s rarely the person trying to hug you that you’re rejecting. Nope, it’s the itimacy, it’s the love in that hug freely given, that asks for nothing in return. Ultimately…it’s YOU that you’re rejecting.
I met a severely miserable soul tonight. A miserable soul spoiling for a fight. And, I have to tell you, metaphorically speaking, I keep a sharp sword, and even sharper daggars. But, some souls aren’t worth the energy it takes to even lift such weapons. When such a soul sees me, all they want to do is try an find a way to bring me to their level of darkness, despair, depression, etc. How? How can I be so happy, so bright, so care-free and spirited, when they are covered in the blackness of their inferno??? Easy… I chose and choose differently. And, there isn’t a damn thing that anyone can do about it. Get it??? When you decide how your life is going to go, there is no one, and nothing that can change your perception of  the world.
He went from trying to figure out if I was the heat source he was feeling near his thigh–which I was, although he didn’t want to admit it–to insulting my spiritual belief system and my aura. Just so you know, I couldn’t care less if you don’t believe in metaphysics, auras, sixth senses, etc… And, if you insult my belief system, I’m only insulted if I choose to be. If I say something to you, keep in mind, it isn’t a retaliation so much as a warning. At one point, I looked at him and I said, “That’s three.” And, he says, “I don’t get four?” I said, “No.  You don’t”.  Now, why??? Why didn’t he listen to me??? Why? I’ll tell you why, because some people are simply alive, because they are waiting for death, and nothing more. So, their hoping if they insult enough people, if they bully enough people, someone will do for them what they haven’t the courage to do for themselves. Kill them. Yeah, I said it. And, if you don’t think it goes that deep, then surely, you aren’t looking very closely.
After three, I decided that I would just tell this person what I saw when I looked at him. At one point I got up from my chair, in which he sat, and said to me, “Are you still here?” And, I said, “Are you?” He replies, “I’m always here.” –We were in a bar. My reply???? “Yeah. And, you always will be.” –I mean, aren’t happy people always in bars as patrons? Not to mention, I don’t think he’s ever reallybeen anywhere–you’d have to be alive to have that experience, not pretending to be. He was definately not “here”, wherever that is. Second, I was talking to his friend, being my normal self, which is rather positive. And, he said something to me like, “Now, I’m going to have to do your job.” And, I said, “I don’t think you can, as you’re completely both unequipped and unqualified.” Now, he may not have gotten what I said, but, his friend certainly did. He was being very ugly, and perhaps tonight was the first time, she saw how good at it, he is.
All these miserable, ugly, self-tortured, self-imprisoned, self-obsessed, selfish souls; thinking that the rest us MUST share in their pain, so they can justify it to themselves. Uh uh…come again. If you chose to wallow in misery, dont’ look for my ass to jump in the shit with you! Don’t look for me to feel sorry for you. Don’t look for me to dim my light so you don’t feel self-conscious. On the contrary my brothers and sisters— I will shine my light even brighter so there is no question that YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE. And, if you are unhappy, YOU CHOSE IT! And, the only one who will be punished is you. And, if you try and paint me with your misery, I will hug you to make you feel, and you may even cry. The tough-guy, tough-girl acts… IT’S A LIE! And, if you don’t want me to expose how fragile you are, how vulnerable you are, how lost you are, how utterly miserable you are with one smile, one hug, one kiss on the cheek… If you want to maintain  your facade of a life, your lies wrapped in lies… then do not challenge me. A sincere hug, or kiss can be painful to those used to beatings, mean words, or actions. Why? Simple: love heals! Silly man…looking for a fight… –Picked the wrong soul, this one knows how it goes, how to heal, how to love, and how to fight in a way that brings resolution and peace. I fight with love, in the spirit of In Lakesh, Espavo and Namaste…. And, those things… cannot be resisted, nor defeated. In the words of Dennis Leary… I think you hear me knocking… And, I think I’m coming in (with major angelic backup!)! Wait??? Did someone say Rapahel??? LOL!
Love, Peace Happiness N One,

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