What an interesting time to be alive. Don’t you think? The true tests of our intestinal fortitude is upon us. And, though from my point of view, it is clear that we are being asked to evolve, there are those who just will do ANYTHING to obstruct the divine flow.

What is this divine flow I speak of? Well, its simple the gentle current that says, “we gotta move forward”. I think we’ve all felt that tug one way or another in our lives, but, now, we’re feeling it as a global community. It’s been surprising, frustrating, annoying, and quite uncomfortable. But, the truth is, that’s exactly how growth works.

I have to say, that I think growth and evolution are inevitable. And, I say this because we’ve had thousands of years of history to back me up. So, while I, too, find a lot of this disturbing, I remember two things: 1. In order to upgrade, something must be broken beyond repair. 2. I trust myself, with myself.

It’s amazing how some have attempted to obstruct or dam the flow of evolution. Once again, I’d like to point out that humans are the only animals in the animal kingdom arrogant enough to think they have control of things. At this point, I spend more time laughing at this basic ignorance in people than I do being pissed about it. In short, “Get over yourselves!”
Am I the only one who asks where the visionaries are? Am I the only one that wonders why people refuse to see that they will not get ahead alone? –That their way isn’t THE WAY?! I really do wish that we as individuals would learn to live our lives with the same honesty, integrity and honor that we tell others to practice. Talk is trash, it’s a toxin poisoning the air we breathe. It’s action, that produces results. And, no matter the direction anyone tries to spin it–that’s how it is.

I think the best way to transform ourselves into a better and stronger global community is to see what’s in our faces. It’s time we listened more than talked. It’s time we formulate solutions, rather than listing and re-listing the issues. It’s time we grew from who we were, into who we’re to become. This period is a transition, and if you want to continue living, you must be willing to go through a metamorphis. If there’s another way, please tell me what it is.

Perhaps you don’t have confidence in your government. Well, that’s to be expected, as there is no government that I can think of that deserves a blank check of confidence. Perhaps you think your economy is headed out to pasture. Or, that your job swings in the balance of not-enough to none. Perhaps you think that your church, or religon has become corrupted by those who say they speak on the behalf of God. Okay…I’ll give you all that. But, what about you? Have you given up on who you are? Have you lost faith in yourself, and your own ability to navigate, create, survive and succeed in these tumulteous times? You are best asset, your best investment, and when all else fails you–you are your own best ally. You cannot get more back to basics than that, can you?

I think we should all stand on the side of the flow and look and see where it’s going–and decide what’s in our own best interest in terms of the future. Is it better to struggle to keep the life, the beliefs, or the things you had–Or, is it better to train yourself, stretch yourself, demand of yourself that you become apart of where things are going, not where they’ve been.

I think the misconception of a dam is that is stops the flow of water… It doesn’t. The water thwarted, immediately begins to erode the cement standing in the way of flow. Each rainstorm intensifies the pressure put on the dam. And, as we know one powerful storm could help the river rise over the dam–overpowering it, and rendering it impotent. What is meant to be, will be. What is natural is true. So, the flow–will do just that. And, anything obstructing the flow, is actually endangering its very existence. Dams break, rivers flow. Really is simple, isn’t it?
Love Peace Happiness N One,


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