Okay, you know, I know what I’m about to write a lot won’t agree on. And, hey, Namaste. Your agreement isn’t required. But, I AM that I AM, and I choose to speak on what is nagging me now. And, what is that? Stuck on WORDS!

Language, one of the more intersting things we humans created, but, some of us, who pay attention closely when interacting with others, we don’t get stuck on words. I, in particular from a very early age understood vibes. I knew within five minutes if you were someone I’d get a long with, or not– If our vibes grooved, or if they made chaotic noise. And, either thing is fine with me, as long as we’re telling the truth about it. And, make no mistake TRUTH is paramount.

As my personal ascension continues, I can say, that in the past few years, I’ve found that spirit uses words as the tools they are. Words, when spoken in truth express feelings. Humans are creatures of feelings–we use words, art, music, dance, etc to express these feelings. So, pardon me if I don’t get stuck on the words. They’re tools, they aren’t spirit. They aren’t the energy. And, after centuries of lies, deception, and the manipulation of words–I would hope that at some point we’d stop emphasizing on the words and put the focus on the energy of spirit where it belongs.

Listen, I talk to dead people, angels, and yes, some other beings not of this dimension–truly, do you think they get stuck on words? Do you think the creator does?! Do you think they even understand human words?! Any channel will tell you that words, are difficult for most non-embodied beings to use. And, the purpose of the channel is to read the energy and translate them into words. So, why? Why? Why??? Why are we getting stuck here?

How many times has someone told you exactly what you wanted to hear, and you knew they were lying to you. But, “Gosh, they said so, so it must be true.” Never mind that gong that just went off around you that screamed–LIAR! Nevermind that pit that just formed in your stomach that has you scanning the room for a barf-bag. Oh, no, they used words, so…its okay. Until its not. And, sure we could blame the liar for being a liar. But, who’s to blame when you go against your own intuition?

I want to be clear, I am as sweet and as gushy as a cupcake on a bright summer’s day. But, I also know this: spirit is multi-lingual. Spirit will speak to you in a language that you understand, until you choose to raise your vibration. Once that is done, once you are committed to listening to your intuition, and acting on it–your words will change. Why? Because your energy will have changed, and, the words will reflect it. Hey, let’s not put on clothes that don’t fit us, okay? Let’s not pretend we are something, or someone we have yet to become. This isn’t a race–you have no competition. And, not to mention, you’ve already one,  or won.  And seriously, how can you fail at being yourself? No one else is going to be you, and no one else can.

Look at the world of words we’ve been living in. People are so reliant on words, rather than spirit, that the confusion is papable. Hmm…there was that city in the bible, that I learned about in Sunday school. You know, the one where everyone walked away speaking a different language??? Babble…Babble… Babylon! And, my goodness, we still haven’t straightened out the language, have we? And, yet, we can love someone who doesn’t speak the same language. Why is that? Oh, perhaps because love isn’t a word–its energy!

We must get beyond the words and recognize the core energy. By the way, telepathy, that doesn’t use words. Dreams, they don’t use words–and, yet, everyone wants to control words. In some sad, feeble, lie of an attempt to control us… Yep, hasn’t ever really worked has it? And, even if it does, it doesn’t for long.

“You’re not saying it right, say it differently.” –Has it occurred to you that either:

 A. They are saying it correctly, and you just don’t like what’s being said?

B. They are lying to you?

“You’re not being positive.” –Truth isn’t always perceived as pretty. But, that doesn’t make it not true. Perception is reality.

Please note: Not everyone will use words in the way that you like. And, again, that isn’t required. What you must decide is, if the energy behind the words is something that you can vibe with. Because that’s the true decision, the one you can control. “Do I want to be around this person and their energy?” And, its a personal decision.

I have no interest in telling you how to use your words, unless I’m teaching a language arts course. Or, a language in general. In my opinion, it’s more crucial to empower people to use words that reflect their truth. –Inviting them to express their energy without judging how they choose to do it. Hey, if you don’t like the show, you can always change the channel. Channel…lol… I just made myself laugh. 🙂

My goodness–isn’t there enough to navigate in your personal ascension without you getting stuck on someone else’s  words? My question to you is: Are you meeting the expectations you have for the rest of us? My standards are my own. Please, please, please do not try an do what I do–do what you do–and do it without fear of judgement, because there will be that. But, if you choose, you can crank up your inner voice so loud –you won’t hear them. 😉

Let the your energy be the loudest words NEVER spoken! Trust me, many more than you can imagine are listening.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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  • The energy behind the words I just read is fierce.
    As a person who is consistently working words and using the English language to somehow communicate with, and translate- the vast array of non-word based languages, this reminder is a useful one. Namaste Monica. It seems that our attunment to this energy is what is in constant need of honing.
    Ever known how to speak another language in your dreams? That’s one that falls into this conversation well I think. In those circumstances the conversation is understood clearly because the words formed are attached to the energy that forms them. (David Abrahams book The Spell of the Sensuous is a worthy read on this subject.)
    The value of spoken language is tremendous but if the unspoken languages and attunment to energetic communication is devalued or codefied (as it often is) then we find that miscommunication is commonly defining our worlds. So, practice is needed.
    Yet- here we are using words to express this very conundrum… ah the Derridian complex…

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