I’ve heard enough…no, really, I have. I’ve heard enough of people talking about all the things we “should” be doing to be making the world better. I’m tired of books, talkshow host, self-help books, preachers, journalist, poets, philosphers…etc. I’m tired of everyone talking! In fact, it’d be nice if people would walk the lives they know we all “should” be living rather than talking about it! In fact, it’d be nice to see how well the world would function if human beings were made mute and unable to write for like a week! Then we’d see the truth, with no excuses to be heard–we’d see that fear is what keeps us for doing what we “should”. Mind you, I’m not talking about my “should”, no. I’m talking about your “should”. The “should” that tells you what your life should really be like, and the should that is constantly being held prisoner by the fear you choose to listen to.

I’m transitioning… yeah, again. And, though I realize the world is filled with intellectual wisdom, spiritual wisdom and the like… I’m no longer interested in anyone talking to me about what the world should be like. Time for some action people! And, if you’re not doing…don’t bother talking. As, there will be someone to remind the Emperor/Emperess that they forgot to put their clothes on today. Yes, it could be me, but, I won’t bother talking, it might be the vacant look that comes over my face, when I have to listen to someone take me on their bullshit trip that they so often go on alone. I hate wasting words, so, it may be the perpetual eye-rolling that may give it away. And, hey, anyone who’s not with it–anyone, not ready to transend their verbal testimony into a living one–it’s perfectly okay by me…but, I’m no longer faking a connection if we no longer have one. I’ve got my own living testimony to make.

It has been said that Philosphy is dead. And, I agree. If you have wisdom, live it. If you know better, do better. And, if you can only talk about it and not live it, then I know the secret you’re keeping from yourself and sadly all the people who think you know so much (which of course you do–know, and that’s about it.), they know too, they’re just too “polite” to tell you when they smell bullshit. What’s the secret? The secret is, you know exactly what you want, you know exactly what will make you happy… The problem is, when challenged by fear, you don’t even bother to put up a fight, you just lay down and let it claim you. And, that’s a lifetime of torture by the demon that is you. Wonder what would happen if people just put up the slightest resistence. It used to be, that whole nations were built on resisting fear…what happened? Truly can’t change or save the world, without dealing with the world within first.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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