Oh yes, oh yes, courage pays off! Oh yes, tough decisions made, lead to happiness and less drama! Oh yes, happiness envelopes the entire body and radiates from it! Yes! I swear to you the hard work, the pain, though illusionary, pays off! Yes! I’m telling you I am that I am, who tells you that YES, now and forever, it’s worth it!

Why am I so sunny once more, and maybe more than ever? Because I saw the alternative life I could’ve lived being lived by someone else. And, I saw how miserable, depressed, and dead they’ve become. And, I–I averted it! I moved around it, past it, and REFUSED to live that life. When you’re unhappy it shows, you wear your misery whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. It’ destorts your looks, it makes you just as murky, confused and ugly as the life you chose to live. A lie doesn’t just live in your head, it consumes your life! And, those of us who knew you when, are both sad and relieved that we don’t know you anymore now, than you know yourself!

I am the type of person that must have truth. I must live it, I must tell it, I must be it. And, it’s not always easy, conveinent, or instantly gratifying. But, like a smart investor, I think long-term. I think about managing risk, and I think about what I can live with. And, I cannot, and will not live a lie! What it costs you in sleep, in breath, in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health–ain’t WORTH IT! And, on those occassions I get news of all those that I had to part with in order to serve truth of me, I’m grateful EVERY time! Why? Because a lie leads to death–everytime. The route may change, but, the destination is the same–EVERY time!

When I deal with anyone, I bring my A-game, and if I cannot, I don’t bother at all. I will not ask someone to give me something I’m not willing to offer. Why is that?? It’s simple: Karma and Law of Attraction. There is always, always an energy exchange. The world always seeks to balance itself. So, I cannot take from you in excess without expecting to give of myself. And, if I attempt to do so, I will recieve the same behavior back–maybe not from you, but, from somewhere! Dark energies, such as greed, manipulation, or lying cannot ever, ever, attract light, goodness and love. So, when you screw over someone don’t think you’ve gotten over, what you’ve done is set yourself up for a major bitch-slap on another, unforseen day. That’s the TRUTH! And, those who’ve knowingly, willingly done ill toward me know that what I say is true. Some of them are in the middle of living the karma of their mistreatment of me right now. (Waving) Hello and Namaste!

So, wait, hm…if dark attracts dark, then… light attracts… LIGHT! –Exactly. It’s funny, as I gave up the concepts of “good” and “bad” a long time ago, because it’s not about that. It’s about thinking what kind of consequences you’d like from your actions. That is neither good, nor, bad. It’s just a simple mathmatical equation. If you’re a self-ish, self-serving asshole. Dont’ expect to attract anything other than, self-ish, self-serving assholes! And, when they do to you, what you’ve done to others, they are serving you in a positive way. They are saying, “Hey, if you don’t want to get screwed, stop screwing other people!” –Isn’t that helpful? And, yes, the opposite is also true. For example: I’ve gone through great pains to weed out the assholes in my life. And, while I give ample opportunity for forgiveness, awarness and change, I will also kick you out! My reward: my inner core is happy, peaceful, and incredibly giddy! This coming weekend, I’m opening my home to my loverly friends for a holiday gathering. And,everyone of them that is attending comes in honor of the love and friendship we have for one another. –That’s my reality, because it is the one I worked for.

So, souls of the universe, I am happy because I am reaping the seeds sown of consistent  choices of light. I am happy because I understand that even in the darkest of hours, I have a choice as to how I will react. And, I find the light–even if the light is me. So, I love KARMA and her dancing partner LAW OF ATTRACTION. I love them, because I work with them in a way that serves the highest good for all, not just myself. I am no one’s victim because I create my reality with the choices I make. I create my future, with the vision of light, and the courage to change–even if I don’t know what that means at the time.

Thanks to all those who were awful to me, who lied, who were selfish, stupid and self-serving. Thank you to all who thought the only way to deal with me was to try an control me (as if that were ever possible!). Thank you to the ones so caught up in their lie of a life, that my truth of life scared you away! Thank you, because your reality, your consequences validate mine, and encourages me to keep going. So, in truth, you are doing the world a favor, even if it’s a ‘what NOT to do’ situation. Namaste. You are all worthy and needed!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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