Do not come this way if you want things to remain the same.
Stay where you are, with what you know and all you believe.
Nor, should you wear shoes that travel, if you aren’t up for the journey.
This bridge you shall not pass–without a torch to walk by.
Ask not questions, if you seek no true answers…
Or, resist the hands that guide and point to your desires.
Glance not into mirrors, if your eye’s reflection you cannot bare.
Nor listen too closely to silence if you shutter at its message.

Not all seeds planted feast on the air above them….
Or, bathe in streams of sunrays and are transformed by its light
Yet, all life, seeks to be freed of darkness…
–For without freedom, there is no life.

This task is no simple one, its undertaking strenuous
It demands all of you, the light, the dark, in love and balance.
Your fears will challenge you with each step taken…
And, love will come to you with each step completed.

Many times you will stumble it is both expected and guaranteed.
You will face obstacles, and illusions created in your own mind.
There will be some who will say you cannot complete what you’ve started.
Are they friend or foe–for both say they love you well.

In front of you lies your life, your dreams, yourself.
Gaia promises shelter in exchange for loyalty…
The cosmos promises to light your nights, long after the sun has slept.
Angels crowd the path to support your every move…

One eye opened, clasping the hand of its awakened soul…
One tiny whisper on its way to a roar…
One small spark aching to be an inferno… One.
What say you?

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