It’s been an awesome weekend. It was a good time to regroup and rest. I love it  when life is calm and simple. I appreciate those times. And, the hard work it took to get me here.
As the sun sets earlier here in the Northeast, and the cold is starting to take up residence; I find, I’m totally into The Lillpad. That’s the name I gave to my little basement apartment, that is my sanctuary. I’ve been buying her little things to make her that much better. Last weekend, I bought some things to make my place more functional. This weekend, I bought somethings to make it more of a paradise. When it gets really cold here in NYC, I’m all about making my home cozy. Simply because I try not to leave it too much.
For the first time in years, I’m also looking forward to the holidays. Thanksgiving will be spent with friends, and promises to be spirit-infused and fun. And, later on in the season, my first Happy Hannukwanzmas party as a single woman. The last Hannukwanzmas party was hosted with my ex-husband. This one…it’s all mine. And, I’m excited. And, finally… Christmas with my mommy and brother. It’ll be my mom’s first Christmas in NYC. I’m excited…
I’m truly blessed that during a time, that for many is that of  bleakness, for me has been a time for brightness. All my years of being frugile, prudent, and downright cheap have paid off for me. I have learned that one can have expensive taste in all things, but, spend next to nothing acquiring them. Style cannot be bought, it’s something you either have, or, you learn. As, truly, it is a form of expression of who you are.
Some people would rather spend money on cars, I prefer the interior of  my home. Some people like expensive shoes, I like affordable rugs that look expensive. Some people like “normal” food, I prefer cooking gourmet. Bottomline, I just don’t think I should have to settle in any aspect of my life. I may just have to be more disciplined about how I go about acquiring things. You may like your stuff, I LOVE my stuff. Liking something to me, is a poor investment. If I don’t love it, I’m not spending on it.
So, I guess in a way, I’m having my Thanksgiving right now. As I’m thankful for 34yrs of constant amazement. My life is amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It runs the entire spectrum of experiences, I’m never bored, never alone, and always passionate. But, most of all…I’m happy.
What’s next??? Oh…everything! And, I’m looking forward to it. 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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