It’s an interesting time in life right now. As we finish off the current year, I want to remind people of something, and that is, giving your best is all you can offer. Once you’ve done that, there is no more to give.
In the past week, I’ve seen a lot of people getting down on themselves for not measuring up. And, the problem I have with that is, they are measuring themselves by someone else’s yardstick. Which means, they are setting themselves up to fail. I implore you to please stop!
I can honestly say, that once I defined myself for myself, I discovered innate happiness, and freedom. There was an acting teacher I had once, that said that if you couldn’t  tell the truth don’t bother getting on the stage. Actors don’t fake things, it’s true for us in that moment. But, so many people fake their lives on a daily basis. They go through the motions of it, yet, are barely conscious. It’s a choice to lie, just as it is a choice to tell the truth.
I no longer believe in the conventional idea of perfection. I believe I am perfect, because I am. As an individual–and we all are–I believe that I am the most perfect version of myself that I can conjure at this time. Every diamond, starts out in the rough, and is refined through measured strokes of the jeweler chipping away at it, in search of the point where it is flawless and clear. We as humans are quirky, weird, funny, silly, happy, sad, smart, stupid, wonderful, horrible, etc… And, you know what? That’s perfection! The only problem I can identify is if you’re doing any of those things half-assed, or half-witted. And, that’s because when you aren’t present, you aren’t doing your best, you aren’t giving it your all.  
But, to hate yourself, critcize yourself, view lines and wrinkles as flaws…nah. No more of that. To be a parent of a grown up, who still wants to act like a child? Or, to be a person ignoring aspects of themselves, simply because it’s not socialy acceptable??? No. That isn’t doing your best, our best isn’t conformity, our best is comfort in our own skin. That’s what it’s all about you know? To see the divinity within, and say, “Yes, I’m at peace with that.” Or, as one song goes, “It is well with my soul.” Are you well with your soul? As, that is a true measurement of whether or not you are at your best. If not, my fellow diamond-in-the-rough… Be about the business of discovering the flawless, brillant being you truly are!
Namaste beautiful, colorful, infinite beings! Enjoy each moment in which you both inhale and exhale.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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