One of the major issues I have with the commercialization of Christmas, Yule, Kwanza and Hanukah, etc is that stuff takes the place of words to convey feelings. And, when we talk about human beings and all the things that come along with it, I firmly believe that the exchanging of “gifts” to symbolize how we feel about eachother has robbed us of our ability to really be together–to connect. Why are people so afraid to feel things?? Why are they afraid share themselves with one another in a way that really matters? In my opinon anyone who thinks the way to stay safe, unaltered and in tact is to keep yourself cut off from others in an emotional and soul-connected manner, is missing the whole point of this experience. To be human is not only to exchange ideas, opinons, and lessons learned, but, to exchange feelings, to inspire and to grow. And…if you have a real sense of ownership of who you are, and have defined yourself as such, then giving words or affection to emotions felt would not rob  you at all, of yourself, but, grow you into a better version of you.
We have that saying…”What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” The question is, do you really believe that? Do you really choose to take your hurts work through the pain, find the lesson and grow? Or, do we say that mantra, whilst building a protective wall around ourselves to make sure, that we are never hurt again? Here’s the thing about those walls, it keeps your gifts in, and other’s gifts out. Yet…the emotions are still there, being felt and unacknowledged. Does my giving you a gift mean I care for you??? Sometimes, yes…sometimes, it symbolizes I do, but, after the intial high of getting the gift–whatever it is… and water under the bridge, does that symbol still hold the potency it did initially? At the end of the day…its stuff. And, unfortunately we horde stuff, and cherish it more than we do eachother. I resent that. I resent that we as a society set up specific times of the year to admit that we just “might” care enough about eachother to throw a bone to someone to say…”Yeah…I just might love you!” Rather than saying it, or showing it all the time, everyday.
And, where do the feelings felt but, unexpressed go??? Well, it’s like the dirt swept under the rug–buried, but, making itself known by  slowly becoming a mountain of feelings. It’s there, it’s in the room, and occassionally you, or someone trips over it. But, nope…we can never speak of it. Humans have emotions that need to be expressed, and supressing them brings a silent unrest not only within oneself, but, also, with everyone and everything around us. Do our loved ones know we love them? Sure. They probably do, but, its never really trusted or believed until we put ourselves out there and say it, or show it in a way that  leaves no room for misconception, misunderstanding or any other “mis” one might think of.   When you give you, with no fear of hurt, pain, or strings attached, you’ve given a gift that  resonates in a way that’s beyond anything that can ever be purchased at a one-day sale. It’s always perfect, always what they wanted. In short, you can’t “miss”!
Love Peace Happiness N One.

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