So, I wanted to talk about some interesting experiences I’ve been having lately. For example,yesterday, while enjoying lunch outside, I had these two people come sit next to me and they were talking about their church.

Unlike, other people who get rather irritated, angry, or defensive about their belief systems, I actually listen. And, I found it interesting that this minister was using facebook as a way to communicate with his congregation. Apparently, he had posted a question asking them what kind of messages they’d like to get from their pastors.

I just want to say, that I tried… I really tried to stay quiet listening to this. I actually struggled to not say anything about the subject. But, yeah…um… that didn’t work. And, the universe, creator, source, etc… didn’t mean for it to. Meaning: This messenger spoke. ūüėČ

As I’ve stated before, I was raised to be a Christan, but, I am not one. I am not a subscriber to any organized religion, because I’m not comfortable with the idea, concept, nor the myriad of experiences I’ve had. I experience spirit/god/the universe/creator/source…all the time. And, am able to do so without the rules, regulation, dogmas and traditions of religion. If it works for you, you aren’t wrong, I respect your choice and wish you many blessings.

So, needless to say, I interrupted the conversation of the woman and man discussing their church and congregation. I had to, as, well… a psychic, messenger, intuitive consultant, or…whatever you want to call me… I had a message for this man. And, it can be really painful not to speak when there’s a message to give.

The first thing I said was, “I’m sorry, but, I overheard you talking about this woman with all these children, who complained about men not doing….” As it turns out, the woman had seven children by different fathers. So, I proposed a sermon called “Choices and Consequences”. See, it’s so often that we expect things to go a certain way, because we simply, “want it”. Women and men are always gaming on one another when it comes to relationships. They manipulate the situation, or their mate in order to control the outcome of the relationship. It’s not just romantic relationships, its everything. The world is a lot simpler than we allow it to be. It flows quite naturally by itself. It’s when we allow our egos to get in the way, and assume we’re entitled to have what we want by any means necessary, that we run into trouble. So, that lady, pointing fingers at men who aren’t doing for their children, really needs to ask herself, “What choices did I make that caused me to be here, now?” Children do not guarantee a committed relationship–puh leze…get that! It’s so unfair for the children to be used in this manner.

The second sermon I suggested was “Accountability and Responsibility” This came up in conversation in reaction to one of the congregation members who felt the community wasn’t doing enough to help people in need, or who were in the midst of hard times. Now, I’m not talking about losing a job, or something like that. I’m talking about people who expect someone else to solve their issues for them. And, we all know people like that. Look, the truth is, it isn’t the churches responsibility to pick you up if you fall. It’s YOURS. People love pointing fingers at everyone around them for their shortcomings, their bad luck, they bad behavior, and then expect someone else to fix them. WTH?! What I mean is,¬†how can you ask other people to show up for you, if you won’t?? –You can’t. Period. No question, no comma. If you aren’t willing to invest your time, your energy, your money and your abilities into bettering yourself–you have no right asking anyone else to do so either. And, that’s different from encouragement. Encouragement is a kind word, it isn’t someone giving you the following: food, money, clothing, a job, etc. It’s a smile, a hug. It is NOT doing YOUR work for you.

And, finally…in reaction to one of the congregation members talking about people smoking, cursing and their drinking habits, along with practicing their religion, I suggested a sermon on “Poverty of Spirit”. And, what that means is, that the spirit of someone who is abusing themselves by any means is in pain. And, the pain they feel inside they express by¬†inflicting pain¬†onto themselves physically. You ever seen someone who’s really addicted to something? Like smoking, or drinking?? Or, food?? It’s when they need to soothe the pain, they aren’t dealing with that they grab a drink or a cigarette, or what have you. A spirit with knowledge of itself, with compassion, humor and love of itself, DOES NOT feel the need to abuse itself in any manner. Do you get that? So, when you see someone chain-smoking, drinking themselves into a stupor, or eating way too much food–this is NOT the place for you to judge them based on “thus sayeth they lord…”, this is the place for you to have compassion, love and encouragement…thus, sayeth the lord, buddha, hecate,¬†the universe, or whatever you subscribe to. More times than not, we are alike. We all¬†have the same emotions, even if they are expressed in a myriad of ways. You understand pain, and therefore, you can have compassion for those who are in it, WITHOUT judgement.

I also added that I think its important that every holy man,woman, or whomever with followers make it clear…they are no different than each person in their congregation. To be a messenger of god/spirit should never be mistaken for being god/creator/source! To be a messenger of god is not a theatrical act on a sunday, saturday, or wednesday… Meaning: No play for pay. The role of a messenger is to give the message that needs giving. I told the minister that if he or any other holy person didn’t ruffle feathers,¬†or annoy people with a sermon, than they couldn’t be dong a good job. And, you know what?? He agreed.¬† A lot of people want to hear what they want to hear, and that’s fine, but…why go to your church, synagoge, temple, or spiritual meetings for that? I mean, you don’t have to leave home to stroke your ego, do you? When you go to a place of worship, whatever that place is, when you walk out, you’re supposed to be empowered with tools to help you build the best life you can imagine for yourself. If you don’t, time and energy, and some nice clothes are being wasted.

So, after I said what I had to say to the nice minister, he looked at me, and said, “Well, I’ve got the messages.” And, then asked what my deal was. He said, that I obviously had wisdom, and knew quite a bit about the bible. Mind you, I could feel the subtle pull to try an get me to go to church, but, I laughed it away. So, what did I say? I told him the truth–to me, God is omnipotent, and omnipresent–therefore, I do not require the guidance of anyone but, the god within me to know who I am, what I’m doing here, and how beautiful life can be. When I meditate aka stfu and listen…spirit is, always has been, and always will be, right there to answer my questions, guide me, encourage me and love me. I know that I am God also… thus omnipresence… I know that I was given the beautiful gift of choice and freewill. I know that I am¬†the reflection of you and you, me, and live life accordingly.¬†None of these things did I learn in a church, or a book of any kind… I know because… I did and do the work. See, you can sit in a pew, on a pillow, or on your knees all day and night forever…and, still never get it. You get it, by do-ing and be-ing. You are holy, divine and powerful by virtue of your existence…it’s the mastering of the self that requires some to seek guidance outside themselves. And, if that’s what you require, well and good. I just hope, pray and wish that the tools that you are given, help you remember you’ve been “there” all along. ūüėČ

The kingdom of heaven is (INDEED) within.



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