I am a product of the 80’s, and I watched a lot of cartoons. In fact, where I’m from there would be cartoons at 4pm just as we got home from school and one in particular stayed with me… G. I. Joe. I’m a military brat, from a military town and I’m pretty diciplined so I liked this cartoon. It was cathartic for my masculine side… Anyway…
At the end of ever episode, there would be this tip that they’d give us kids, and they’d always end it with “Knowing is half the battle.” And, I’ve been thinking about that phrase…and you know what? They were right. Knowing something is only half of the battle, it is the applying of knowledge that causes change. Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, do better.” And, Ghandi said, “Become the change you wish to see.”
 So… explain to me, why people are only applying the half-the-battle mentality to their lives, and thinking that something astounding willl happen? If you know that something in the world needs to change, and yet, never execute any of your ideas, or theories of change you haven’t done a damn thing! Sorry to be the one to tell you, but, a theory untried represents a lot of time thinking and absolutely no time doing! A polite person, someone obviously politer than me, would say, “well at least people are thinking, and that’s a start…” My answer to that would be, “That’s the problem– people start thinking and get stuck there…and then DO nothing!” In the meantime, your life, the world, your government, yourself…well, they haven’t stopped progressing in the midst of your thinking. And, if it wasn’t working before, it most certainly won’t get better with the knowlegde that it isn’t working! Whatever happened to the leaders of the world? Seriously… where did the trailblazers, the drivers, the founders, the innovators, the revolutionaries go??? There are actually people walking around thinking, that while they know there needs to be some sort of change in the world, their attitude is, ” I can’t do anything about it.” Now, I won’t lie to you… that PISSES ME OFF! If we really could do nothing, then I’d be somewhere picking cotton in North Carolina on a plantation! Well, that’s a quarter of me…  Another quarter of me, would be dying on the trail of tears, while yet, another quarter of me, would be speaking french in Canada! Wait…actually, if there were never any leaders who thought they could make a difference.. I WOULDN’T EXIST AT ALL! Would you?! Okay…so, that’s knowledge… that’s half the battle, and G. I. Joe (Jane) is wrapping up this show (blog), so my question is… what are you going to DO with this knowledge? If the answer is nothing, please… don’t bother learning anymore, we need some help here in making the world more livable, peaceful, tolerant and loving… so, if you’re not down with that…don’t bother showing up for battle at all, no–not even half, we’re trying to keep up moral with the troops out there actually doing it. 
Love, Peace Happiness N One,

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