Duuuuddddeeeee, like there’s  a righteous swell out there! I think it’s a hurricane! Okay, I’m not sure, but, I got my longboard ready, how about you?!
Okay…fine, you weren’t married to a So-Cal boy, I was, and I would say that he had a huge influence on me in terms of my apparent hippie-ness, but… Nope! I was born like this. I’m slightly California on some days, um… So-Cal and occassionally No-Cal, at least that’s what Heather says, and she’d know! Btw…Shout out to Heather who’s probably snowed-in at her cabin in the mountains. Let us pause while I hate on her………. ……….. ……….. ………. ………. Okay, I think I got it outta my system. (Grrrr!) Um…maybe, not completely! 🙂
Anyway, why am I bugging your eyeballs right now?! Well, because this week was the first stirrings of what promises to be a very interesting year. The weather is all sorts of intense. Mud volcanos in Asia, along with earthquakes. Mudslides in Latin America. There’s snowstorms in the heartland, and, California is dealing with rain and snow… And, dude…that’s just the weather!
On wall street, CNBC announced that Merrill Lynch and Citigroup would be announcing layoffs in the coming weeks. Don’t you just hate gossip?! Except, um…I’ve been working at Merrill for almost a year, and dude… a lot of my peeps were let go this week! And, some peeps from my time at Citi are probably going to be wearing pink slips soon too. Ugh…why is our economy the never ending obros?! What’s an obros? An obros is the monster that eats itself! I think anyone who doesn’t know we’re headed for a recession, is willfully delusional. Did you know that in the retail industry there was 24,000 jobs cut just in December?! Retail numbers were off for the entire holiday season. Seriously, its becoming apparent that…The kids are NOT okay!!!!
I want to say upfront that I realize I’m going to be affected by this lethargic, slightly depressed market. I’m a consultant. So, now, the question becomes, “Am I flexible?” Words like “adjust”, “agility”, “flexibility” are going to have to become a way of life soon. And, it won’t be a request, it will become mandatory. So, all you people who scoff at the idea of yoga–you’re going to learn it does a lot more than just make your body flexible, it’s actually a physical personification of learning to go with the flow of life. So, if you can, get familiar. 😉 But, do not dispair… as we are forced to re-evaluate our lives through monetary means, we’re going to become enamoured with all  those things we used to dream about, but, wouldn’t dare do. And, for me, that’s concentrating more on producing film and theatre. You can expect that there will be a big BOOM in the arts as this year progresses. As artists look at the world, find materials (a lot on the cheap) and create a reflection of what’s going on around them. And, oh, FYI??? The writer’s strike is actually going to be great for writer’s on all counts in the end. Why?! 1. If you’re not working on someone else’s script for their show, or film. You’re working on your own stuff! Which, you can sell to a very starved Network, or Studio, once they are forced to understand they must compensate you and all writers, in EVERY form of distribution of your creation! Oh kids…there may be no Golden Globes this year, and if the Studios don’t kiss and makeup soon… no Oscars. Meaning??? NO adverstising! And, more loss of revenue. It’s about time my people got some respect from this consumer-infested, junkfood eating, substance-less commercial art dope-dealers (aka Corporate America)! They didn’t want to hear us before, but, now…they are FEELING us, right where it hurts most–their pockets!
So…yeah, the surfboard is waxed up and I’m figuring it out as I ride each wave. And, each time I paddle, I’m working on the film, or the store, or…whatever is after those projects are completed. I’m creating a life beyond what’s visible, but, not clear to me now. I encourage you to do the same.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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