I don’t know if I’m more annoyed, or more amused, but, I am concerned. We live in a time of great peril as a country. And, here I am acutally dealing with being the subject of office speculaton…AGAIN!
1992. That would be the year I graduated from high shcool. And, it wasn’t until after I graduated that I learned of the many rumors about myself, that were simply untrue. They were from everything to the texture of my hair, to my nationality. LMAO…  Notice how I didn’t say anything regarding my love life and high school? That’s because I’m extremely covert. Only 1 or 2 people knew who I was seeing, when, for how long, etc. Guess what??? For the most part, people still don’t know. They can only speculate. By the way, speculators… I’m laughing at you, I thought you should know!
You may not believe this, but, I’m an extremely private person. In my professional life, I tend to not speak to most people. It’s not that I am not nice, it’s that I’m not interested. I get paid to work, not be your friend. So, if perchance we do befriend one another, I consider that a job perk; not a requirement. So…what happens when you don’t speak to most people at work, and just do your job? Well, rumors of course! Hello…the bullshit train just pull into the station sponsored by today’s soap opera called, “Get a life, why don’t cha?!” LOL…
My department, just happens to be absolutely cool. Seriously, I love these people, and they know it. We’re kinda like a comedic television show that I get to live five times a week. We bond, we laugh and yeah…we actually WORK! It’s a blessing, especially when most people hate their jobs, their co-workers and their boss. My boss is kickass, I’m actually valued for my work, and here’s the best part, people aren’t threatened by my intelligence! AMAZING!
And, then…there’s the rest of the floor. Yeah, um…I get attitude from a lot of other women, because I didn’t fall all over myself to befriend them when I started. And, most recently, I’m getting attitude from men, because there’s only one of them that I bonded with. So, we must be an item, right?! LMAO! See, this people, is a weird sort of sexism. It should not be assumed that two people of the opposite sex, who speak on a regular basis at work, or who walk out to get lunch together, have something going on. Seriously… GROW UP! My boy and I get the crazy sideways glances, and raised eyebrows. Okay…on that one, I don’t care. But, now… I’m hearing that our conversations are being time! WTF?! Are you kidding me?
I’m sorry America, but, this is what we as a country produce in plenty, while the rest of the world makes our clothes, cars, and just about every other thing of use. We make up RUMORS, GOSSIP, and OUT AND OUT LIES! Instead of working today, someone timed my conversation with my friend. I think he and I were talking about the economy, which directly effects our business, but, nevermind that…”Do you think their dating?!”, “Hm… I don’t know, they grabbed lunch  together a couple of times last week, maybe!” Is it just women??? No. It ISN’T! I’ve got enough guy friends, co-workers included; to know better. I recently found out some dude had other people watching me, to figure out why I wouldn’t talk to him. Um…two reasons: 1. You make my skin crawl! 2. There’s a beautiful picture of your GIRLFRIEND on your desk. And, oh…you make my skin crawl!
White Oak…I loved you, truly I did. Jacksonville, I loved you and love you still. But, shit man, I graduated, I moved over 500 miles away, and still–still I’m dealing with highschool bullshit from 40 year olds! But, here’s how I’ve changed. I don’t have a sense of humor about this anymore. I truly don’t. If you don’t know anything about a person, perhaps they don’t want you to know. Some people actually come to work to do just that. And, oh yeah, I’m not your FREAKING friend! I don’t have to talk to you, just because you need to feel important, wanted, or secure. Jeez!
Am, I ranting??? Yeah, a little, because I’m just tired of people spreading negativity through gossip and the defamation of people’s character. And, I have no problem with conflict, or have a problem reminding people of the laws that say I’m entitled to work in a environment, that doesn’t cross the line of privacy.
Again…is it too much to ask that we focus on OUR jobs, OUR lives and OUR declining economy??? Or, is that truth just um…too much to bear?
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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