Good God my life is rockin!!!! Yesterday was such an awesome day. If you didn’t feel the shift, surly, you will benefit from it nonetheless. I was in the boogie-down Bronx picnicing, with some friends and enjoying  the vibes. Ahhh… sometimes, its just seems to be too much, the love energy, the beauty of laughter, the magnificence of trees and grass, or the waves from the puffy clouds in the sky. If you didn’t know the joys of living, I just let you in on a couple. Even during the picinic, I found time to engage a tree in helping with my meditation. A good meditation in nature is one of the ultimate highs for me. And, I’m as serene as the breeze afterwards.
Last night, I spent more time alone in the backyard, listening to the breeze, contemplating myself, my growth and the brillant colors displayed by sunset… happy, happy, happy! Hopefully, this is what Jazz meant by playing, because being still and noticing is one of my favorite games.
Today is nothing short of perfection. I’m sitting in the lillypad after sitting for a spell at Wyckoff Starr with some of the neighborhood locals. I love where I live! Everything I need to get me to where I’m trying to get to, is right here. I don’t even try as much, if at all anymore, I just intend and it’s manifested. LOL… Yet, still, I am surprised.
So…today while journaling, I’ve discovered the importance of why people do things that often make no sense. Simply put, they are getting it out of their systems. I have been watching several near and dears go through some tough phases of their lives in recent times. And, some are truly a hot mess on wet asphalt… But, you know what? They are trying to make omlettes, so they need more eggs. And, my function in all of this? DO  NOTHING. And, if you knew me, you’d know that’s no easy task. But, I am getting the hang of it. Not only that, I simply cannot spare that kind of energy. It’s kinda run itself dry, or…it’s decided to become more refined. And, while in the past, I may have thought that in-your-face type of methodology was cool, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes you must be the silent monk, shaman, angel, or jedi master. Sometimes Akido is better than Kung Fu. If you see a friend headed for the cliff…sometimes you gotta let ’em go, and hope like hell they’ll stop before they reach the edge, because otherwise, they will take you with them.
I’ve come to learn that allowing is just as important, if not more so than blocking. To my collection of swords, daggers, shields and armor, I’ve added, flowers, blankets, music, fragrance, and words. Different people respond to different things, and I must be prepared for all of it, no? Heehee. I understand, that somethings and people must run their course before change can be implemented, before they can accept the truth, before they can become who they are meant to be. And, if I am to do what I need to in order for me to become who I am meant to be, than I cannot use any energy in anyway that would deplete what is needed for my own journey. No more fighting with swords for a while, no more in-your-face energy for a minute or two. Here, have a flower, and not only am I not going to be in your face… I’m not going to be here… I got other stuff to do, another woman to grow into, more songs to sing, music to play and stories to write.
Mmm….gotta love Sun-Days….
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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