It’s another Sunday, but, I have to admit, on this one I’m particularly giddy. Last week at work was rough, but, not unbearable–nothing is unbearable. I have formed, shaped and tempered myself with love, withstanding pain, fighting battles that were my own, and some that were not. And, at the end of all this I’ve learned, when its not mine…I leave it.

You see, suffering, isn’t mine to experience anymore, because I do not choose it. At some point, if you do enough work on yourself and your  many aspects,  you realize it isn’t necessary. –The people around you are trying to figure out the same things  you either ready have, or, in the midst of trying to figure out.

Explosions of ephiphanies, lessons and spiritual ass-kicking is all around. And, I’m very glad to say, I watch from the sidelines. Why?! Because I’m a good student, I don’t need to make the same choices, expecting that the results will finally serve my ego. That isn’t how it is, was, or will ever be. When you understand that, you can watch the insanity too, with disbelief, sometimes grief, and other times, extreme fascination. Sorry boys and girls, it won’t be different this time, it won’t finally work out, it’ll only be worse than last time. And, this last time, could be the one that finally finishes you off. Take heed, do the work, and get the hell out of the way.

Where I sit is interesting. It’s like I sitting in a dali painting… everything around me seems just a little bit off, and the people seem lost and disoriented. And, yet, they walk around as if this normal can be made normal. It cannot… The only purpose of being lost is to find yourself. And, if you never admit your lost to begin with, finding yourself will never happen.

I no longer offer help to those who don’t ask for it. I’ve come to realize, for some, being lost is the destination, and misery the experience. I don’t get it, but, that is irrelevant. What I do have control over, is who I choose to allow into my personal space, my home, my life. And, because, I choose peace of mind, heart, and spirit above all things… I have them. Transformation as an experience, can be hard if you resist it. When you welcome it–it moves quickly and with minimal pain. That’s where I think most people get into trouble. They try an resist transformation, and the truth is–it will always win. And, if necessary, it will kill you to make this truth known.

To all those out there who struggle with themselves, with their aspects, with their inner angels and demons… I say this: Stop resisting… go with the flow, and become who you’ve dreamt of being.

“A funny thing happened on the way to the ascension… I lost everything!”
— Kuthumi

And, as I lose everything— I enjoy the emptiness left behind. 😉 I don’t miss any of it one tiny bit. LOL!

Love Peace Happiness N One,

Sun Deevah

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