Okay enough already. I’m really tired of this attitude that seems to be inherent in the American way of life and doing business that assumes that I’m a moron. –That I don’t know the fix is in. And that the economic stimulus plan–is nothing more than an attempt to stimulate an economy by fooling people into buying more shit that they DON’T need!
I’m tired of presidental candidates who personally attack others, make up wins that don’t  have, and think that if they scare me enough, then I’ll give them MY white house. Hillary Clinton–you’re insane! You lost, get over it! And stop trying to destroy the entire democratic process because we don’t want you. Rejection is a part of life.We all go through it and some of us can do so without playing mind games, throwing kitchen sinks or bullshiting our way through!
 This recession and ridiculous democratic campagining has reminded me of something. –Something I’ve always known but has become very apparent to me now. And what’s that? The IMPORTANCE of higher education. People are getting screw up and over because simply put, they are playing in game where they simply DO NOT know the rules. And you know what? You never will get that knowledge with just a public education. You know why? Because college education is a HUGE business here in the U.S. and student loans are a way a whole lot of banks make money. Why educate all, when if they really knew the deal, it’d be a lot harder to screw them. It never occurs to anyone that–that kind of society cannot maintain itself. Ugh!
How many people know a little book called “The Prince”? Or understand what “machavelli-style” tactics mean? You don’t? Well I assure you, you’re participating in it everyday in almost every aspect of your life, whether you know it or not. Simply put, it is the usage of people’s fears in order to screw them over. Just say the word terrorist and people freak. But, honestly, it’s my guess that you don’t even know who or what one is (On that note: I’d like to recommend the movie “The Good Sheppard”. It’s about the birth of the CIA.) because there is no one kind, nor do they belong to a certain ethnic group or social class. And, amazingly enough people can build entire campaigns on that one thing and never discuss the lack of heathcare, issurance, social security, jobs, homes or adequate EDUCATION, etc… Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors. And, people eat it up.
In our bill of rights it says that we have a freedom of religion, but just say the word muslim and people freak out. And, if you show a picture of a half-African man in his father’s homeland of Kenya wearing the local garb… he must be muslim or a terrorist. I guess the bill of rights is bullshit then, huh? The constitution also says that I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hmm…is that why people are in the midst paying into a social security that they’re never going to receive? Or, they pay a monthly insurance premium only to NOT get coverage when a disater strikes? Or, they pay into unemployment insurance that the company that let them go can fight, win and the unemployed NEVER get they’re money! What kind of pursuit of happiness is THAT?!
This country runs on the backs of the lower and middle class, and these are the people constantly under assault when it comes to taxes loans insurance etc. And, now that the bottom and middle parts of the pyramid are faultering (make no mistake it is a pyramid scam) the top is panicking as FINALLY they will be effected by capitalizing off of someone else’s hard work. But I’m sorry, let me not be rude. It’s hard work to figure out how to swindle people out of their money. How can you formulate a home loan scam geared at the poor who have no chance in hell to ever repay you? Obviously, it never occured to anyone that the loans would go into default much like credit cards they just thought they could keep changing the intrest rates, the late fees, and nickel and dime people in a way that the principal loan would NEVER be paid off. And, the people would actually keep paying. And, yeah the same really does go for your credit card.
What I just said there, that’s taught in finance 101. Ever take a finance class?Yeah, I imagine most people haven’t. And, now you know why a Harvard MBA or aWharton, or a Colgate graduate looks down on you. Why? Because upon graduation they get the keys to the executive suite and you are no longer human, but cattle to work the plantation for them to get paid. And, if you don’t believe me try working in finance! It’s all some of these people can do NOT to say to your face, “Hey, peon can you go use your credit card again? I need to buy a new house.” To them you simply don’t matter, you are a worker bee for them to manage so they can make more money. Mind you, this will never be said to your face.To your face they’ll use the language of whatever you want to hear, whatever your fragile ego needs to hear so that you won’t think, but you will buy. And, that’s how business gets done in America. And’s that’s why even though this country is just over 220years old we’ve had one depression that was called “GREAT” (we’re so morbid here!) and about six recessions. And, there’ been no change in the way we do business. Nevermind that it isn’t working. We really don’t like change and frown, castrate and ridicule ANYONE who ever suggest a thing.
I think people forget how this country came to be in the first place. Let me remind you. Some really fed-up people from England got pissed off enough with their country and government telling them who to worship and how and what taxes they had to pay. So they decided to show COURAGE and forge off into the UNKNOWN in search for a better life. And, when they got here they were met with some kind yet ethnically different people who made sure they didn’t starve their asses off or freeze during their first winter here. And, how did the kindess of strangers get repaid? OH…they tried to kill them off and steal their land as opposed to sharing and forming a community. Yeah…so, I’m kind to you–you take advantage of my kindess and use my eyeballs out of my head. That’s the American way that’s Capitalism. And, just think it’s only like 220 years old.
Nope… I’m over it. I’m not looking the other way pretending its not as ugly as it is. Hey…get this… You can be a police officer fire 50 shots into an unarmed man, killing him and NOT go to jail aka The Sean Bell case,  minus about 5 of those shots and you’re Amadou Diallo. But, for the love of God don’t be a celebrity who doesn’t pay your taxes (keep your own hard earned money) and think you’re getting away with it. Nope, your ass is going to jail for six years ala Wesley Snipes. Hmm…something is wrong here, VERY WRONG! This is the land of the free, the home of the brave (btw…Braves are Native American warriors–the same people that early Americans tried to wipe out.)Some people have no shame even in their language. Uh, uh…come again!
Love Peace Happiness N One

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