It’s been bothering me for sometime that we, as humans believe that struggle is necessary. We give it great power in our lives, how we view the world, and some wear it as a badge of honor. But, I ask what honor is there in constantly being on the brink of ruin, starvation, death, and constantly being in fear that these things will overtake us? Why do we hold struggling in such high regard?? Life, at its sweetest, most memorable, most diving moments, isn’t about struggling. It’s about flow, it’s about moving effortlessly, it’s about living beyond “just enough”. And, yet, we struggle–why?

This illusion that we must constantly be fighting against something, or someone is a distraction we use to keep us from looking for the truth within. If we allowed ourselves to truly acknowledge, embrace and remember how divinely made we are; How the mastering of one’s self is paramount in affecting the world–would we continue to choose to struggle? Wait?? It’s a choice? I say yes. Yes, it is.

We struggle against ourselves, and project it onto the world around us. The idea is that if we cannot control, discipline or find peace within ourselves, perhaps the rest of the world will let us war with it, control it, and make it bend to our will. And, we struggle against the truth of the matter which is–it will not. And, once more, it does not have to. How can you ask the world to do for you, what you cannot do for yourself? If you feel out of control, if you cannot act in your own best interest, how can you expect the rest of us to fill this void? To think that you must struggle to be pious, holy, honorable, filled with grace–isn’t true.  And, all the wisest souls that came before us, the ones we hold in the highest regard understood what I am saying to  you now. The power is within you. Choice is a very powerful gift to have. And, yet, we struggle with it. Why? It is simple: choice comes with consequences. And, most of us have been taught to accept we do not have choices, and therefore believe that we aren’t responsible for the consequences. It is not so. The moment you choose not to hold yourself accountable for your actions, you are playing a game with yourself. You’ve given away your power to someone else for them to treat you in whatever way they feel. And, then, when you are treated in a way that you may view unfair, you want to scream how you were victimized.

I whole-heartedly, do not agree.

Every person of power has been an ordinary person, given more than their share of power. And, when these inflated egos act out, we want to say that those affected are victims. How can that be? If you’ve given away your power, you’ve given away your right to think for yourself and act on your behalf. It leaves a lot of room for someone to become drunk with power and even more room to abuse it. Greed takes hold, and then while tyrants grow drunk with power, wealth, etc. Those that put a tyrant above themselves “struggle”. When you put someone so far above yourself, that they abuse you, are you not clearly saying, you aren’t worth the fight? But, you are fine with the struggle– many have little more than a desire not to experience the pain of death.

I’ll tell you a secret. It’s you that you struggle against. Every one of us has the divine spark of the creator within us. It speaks through the voiceless voice of our conscious. It speaks so softly at first, that you could ignore it. And, often times many do.  Yet, it speaks louder, and louder. And, while still, so many try an ignore that voiceless voice that says, “No, this isn’t right. This isn’t life. I have been wronged.”, it grows. The situation in which we refuse to acknowledge our conscious never gets better without our acting on what we know. I can honestly say never. And, I believe there is plenty of history to back me up on that point. Only when the line between life and death becomes blurred do some feel pushed to act. To say, “Yes, I want to live, survival has not been enough!”–then, we find our love for something as simple as breathing, without fear that it will be stolen from us.

Our true knowing struggles against belief systems, traditions, and even the expectations of others. And, once again I ask–why? Who on this earth has ever found true happiness trying to walk the path of another? Or, living a life written by someone else? It isn’t possible. The gift was choice, it came with consciousness, and the ability to self-reflect. No one can tell you how to live, if you cannot create a way for you to do so. They can tell you how to live that will make life easier for them, more filled with riches, more ease, and, yet–they won’t be fulfilled either. They’ll just continue to want more. It will never be enough. Any power we have that isn’t our own, will only make us crave more power in a failed attempt to claim our own.

How would life be experienced, if you chose to listen to your consciousness? If you told your brain, that it must follow the wisdom of your divine self? How much pain would you avoid? How many things could you let go of, if you embraced yourself within, and no longer looked to find answers without? The  brain. We give it so much admiration. And, yet, the brain can be easily confused. Everything from too much information, to –too little information. The mind looks for logic in all things, and is pained when it cannot be found at all times. And, instead of accepting it does not understand all there is–it keeps looking for the answer to the point of exhaustion. It begins searching, and searching, creating fear, anxiety and yes, sometimes depression. Why doesn’t it know? How can it not know? It’s read all the books, the new ones, the old ones. It’s done the math, it’s researched, it’s asked questions, and yet, the questions remain unanswered.

In case you didn’t know–you are not your mind. You are something much greater. Whatever that voiceless is, that tugs at your heart to get your attention when  you experience the love of life itself. Listen to it. Let it guide you. You are more equipped than you know to navigate life. And, you need not struggle to be that which you were born into–divine, amazing, loved, and loving. It is true, that not all will support you in this, but, it is because they have yet to begin their own journey within. There’s nothing more annoying to a person struggling, than a person who is not. Few will look at someone who is living life and ask with sincerity, “How did you do that?” Why? Because, they know the truth–it will mean the end of their own struggle, and the owning of the gift of choice they were also given. And, the worst part of all, they will have to act on what they know.

Some, like myself, will struggle no more.  And, have found that yes, it’s a gift to know your inner divinity wants you to live–and, live well. I do not envy the success of anyone around me, as I’ll be the first to tell you–I like living my way. One persons owning of many things, is my adoring owning eyes to see the beautiful sun that lights the sky. Another persons expensive car, is my hiking in the mountains. Meaning: what works for them, will not work for me. I’ll admit, I am more impressed by a soul awakened, empowered and passionate, than I am one that can recite the thoughts of someone else that they read from a book. It is the writer, I admire most, not the reader. As, reading quite a passive way to approach life, and is limited in its ability to help you live it.  It’s the living of the knowledge that I learn from most.

So, struggling, I don’t understand the reason for it anymore. Not when so much is available to you within. There are lights all around us, angelic nudges here and there, and there are those who are most passionate about seeing us all remember who we are. I support empowerment, I will give no more energy to a struggle. And, you no longer have to either, unless you choose to do so.

Listen to yourself. That’s you speaking in the silence. That’s you asking  you to embrace yourself, so that you can have peace and truly live the life you are meant to. There’s no one stopping you, but, you. You need not struggle any longer.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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