Anyone that lives in NYC and miraculously made it through this morning’s commute has got to be wondering how the city of New York, arguably the captial of the world as we know it–got shut down by rain today! WTF?!
Rarely do I get political on my blog, because I understand that politics is bought with money, and I am not naieve enough to think that our government really gives a rat’s ass about its citizens. I mean, there’s too many things saying otherwise. But, still I get heated when I think about the very screwed up way we deal with disasters in this country. “Sure, we probably need to slowly rebuild the city’s infastructure, but, why don’t we wait until something breaks, first?” “Levy??? Nah, there will probably never be a category 4 or 5 hurricane.”, you worry too much. “Listen, this bridge–um, it’s defective, but, do me a favor, don’t tell anyone!” Yes, people this is how we get treated here! And, for a time of technological enlightenment, and times gone by of economical excess of liquidity (meaning: lots of freaking money) to put it mildly… Days like today in NYC is utter bullshit!
And, just think–they want to raise the subway fair..again! WTF?! Hello, when I first moved here, I took the subway for 1.25, and I have to say, they didn’t do much with my extra 75 cents! The service is getting worse and worse, the slightest breeze shuts things down. And, so, what will the people do?? Oh…nothing. We can’t seem to even keep them from raising our fairs, can’t get them to finish that freaking second ave. subway!
I could go on and on…Why keep using oil, when the planet is just about tapped out? Why not spend money on alternative, cleaner energy? Why should we keep outsourcing everything in this country, when we know we’re gonna charge the customers the money, to get the cheaply-made, overpriced products back to the country! Why am I talking to a customer service agent in India, when people are still out of work here? Why is most of my food coming from China when again…farmers and other agricultural industries are being forced out of business.
Did it get better??? Nah, man, I don’t think so! We are still very much in the dark ages people! And, for the average person’s ignorance, we’re all dying together, whether it be the air-quality, falling bridges, collapsing coal mines, bursting steam pipes spitting out asbestos, poisonious tooth paste, lead-filled toys, or rancid seafood–we’re in the mutha fucking dark and we’re dying in it! Is it worth it? Is finding enlightenment to what’s really going on so scary, that we’d all choose to keep walking in the dark until we trip into our collective graves? Yo, that mantra that goes something like: “The governement will take care of it… The government will take care of it… The government…” Let it go, the government takes care of the dude with the biggest check book and chances are…that ain’t you. Come out of the dark people, there’s too many lives at stake!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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