Oh look, I cursed… if that offends you, you can stop reading now. Am I angry?? That depends, are you angered by the overt disrespect, dishonor and all-out assault on the individual by negative mass consciousness? Actually, I’m not angry. I’m tired and I’m done.

There’s all these little social, cultural, religious constructs we’ve spent thousands of years perfecting so that we can maintain some sort of “order” over ourselves. And, you know what? It’s bullshit. It is. Humans aren’t cattle, but, if you look at how we are fed belief systems from an early age and go along with these things far beyond the protests of our conscience–it makes you wonder, is it them, or is it us? The truth is it is them and it is us, because we are both. And, until you decide that you are no longer going to follow the path of “civil” insanity–you’re going to get burned over and over again. You will continue to be the victim of this mass deception of–you cannot trust yourself with yourself. You must trust the horde, the hive, the masses… It’s a lie. It’s a lie repeated over and over and reinforced by those who benefit from it. And, guess what??? Rarely is that YOU.

We have social graces, as to not offend the masses… only ourselves. I’m not supposed to tell you what I really think, because it may “hurt your feelings”, so perhaps I’ll just lie to you instead–how are your feelings now? Do you feel better? For a time maybe, that is until you find out I’ve lied to you, and then, well, then…you scream victim. Are you? Are you a victim if you cannot handle the truth of yourself, or others? Or, are you an undeveloped, immature soul, that has no clue of its own greatness? 

Greatness?! (GASP) No, no, I’m not special… I’m not anyone important in the universe. I’m not required (even though I’m here). My opinion doesn’t matter (even though I pay into many systems energetically and receive little to nothing back).  I have no voice (because I gave it away and choose to stay silent). No…I’m not great, because if I am, that means others aren’t and I don’t want them to feel bad for not being great…so…no, I’ll live small, I’ll be “gracious”, “modest”, and “content”. (Yeah, that’s why so much effort was used to bring you here–so you could be insignificant in the universe. smh…)

Does any of that bullshit sound familiar to you? It should…it’s the constant drone of the global mass consciousness, to make you stay in line. Never mind the frustration you feel, the unfulfillment, the depression, the despair, the painof living in a box like a calf  with stunted growth, innocently waiting to be slaughtered. Never mind that… because hey, at least you aren’t rocking the boat, at least you aren’t upsetting the status quo. Except there’s one thing… most souls are walking around feel just as frustrated, helpless and as lost as you.

Why is it that self-help, therapy, life coaching and spirituality is growing at an alarming rate? And, old institutions are freaking out that they are losing members at an alarming rate? Huh? Why is that? Could it be because we’re tired of trudging worn-out paths that lead to nowhere, but, more of the same, and we  JUST. CAN’T. TAKE. IT! You see it, look, on a global level people are acting out…sometimes people act-out in positive ways…and, sometimes…quite violent. See, when you oppress your natural selves, your soul-song, so to speak…expect some sort of explosion to happen. The explosion of righteous anger that says…”I am that I am! I have a voice, and I will be heard!” That’s your power, and the mass consciousness of status quo didn’t give it to you, nor can it steal it, but, it CAN and it DOES coerce you into denying it and giving it away.

It’s funny, people are shocked by me and my willingness to express truth. I’ve always been like this to degree. But, as the chaos around us grows, as the attempts to deny and control the power of us as free souls of the universe continues…I’m becoming more defiant. I’m defending and honoring the miracle of me. And, yes, I am, and you are. There is no one like you or I anywhere in the universe. I honor that–do you? You and I have the ability to create a life we can be in love with or, a hell on earth that we detest with each breath–that’s amazing. And, no matter how much technology we create on earth, no matter how much science tinkers with cloning, splicing DNA, etc… they cannot recreate the divine spark that makes you–you and me–me. Do you understand that?! Do you not see how divine that is? Why would you suppress that? Isn’t it obvious?? If everyone walking around owned their greatness, how on earth do you control them? How do you take advantage of them? How do get them to agree to sell themselves out, moment by moment? How do you keep power limited to a few, and deny the majority that same power? Exactly…you cannot. And, thus…the chaos we are finding ourselves in today, NOW.

So many are hoping that they can “ride” all this out, and do nothing and be okay. But, I don’t think so… not this time. Sorry zombies of the world… you’re either going to wake up, or going to go into eternal sleep. And, hey whatever your sedative of choice: drugs, drink, hording, eating, energy feeding…whatever…you may want to consider where that kind of behavior ends. Oh…you know… There’s only so much abuse the body, mind and spirit can handle, before it ceases to exist on this realm. So, how much do you truly value life, specifically, your own? The answer to that question will be the direction you take your life–consciously, or unconsciously.

I’ve said this before, but, I’ll say it again. I love my life, and, I love me! I would not, after all this personal work, just give myself away, because status quo, society, government, religion, cultures, and people in general, insist that I do so. There’s no reward in it. NONE. There is certain death of the individual, there’s the snuffing out of the divine spark in human form. Sure…at some point we all must transistion, but, it is I that will decide what to do with the time given me.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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