I don’t care if it makes you sick–my life…rocks!!!! Can you imagine a world where you get everything you want?! Okay…well…welcome to my world! At least most of the time! And, most of the time is better than none of the time. And…not to tangent too much–I may not get everything I want when I want it–but, eventually…I do…ALWAYS!
I have this spiritual group I chat with once a week and we were chatting the other night about the collective unconscience and how we change it. It started with this news about this young monk their reffering to as “Buddha boy”. He’s 16, and is in the woods meditating for 10 months–it is believed that he is the reincarnation of the Buddha. Now, I believe in reincarnation–you don’t have to, it doesn’t effect my feelings on the subject. But, I do not believe this boy is the buddha, unless of course, he told me himself. Then, okay…sure. Anyway, one of the memebers says that he wanted to be more buddha-like someday (also known as christ-like, Godly…etc.) and I said, “You should, right now! How about now, are you busy?!” They all laughed, but, agreed with me. What’s with this “someday” business, what’s wrong with NOW?! Why can we not be our buddha/Christ/Krishna/Muhammed/(fill in blank)–selves now?! If you ask me how I’m living…that would be the answer, and that is why my life is always rockin!
Dude….if you want to effect REAL change in the world, you start by changing you. The changing of the collective unconscience is a CONSCIOUS act! I’m not saying you have to agree with my spiritual beliefs–that’s beside the point. The point is, we understand that when we change our perception of the world, the world changes, because your experience of it changes. See…that’s what all the great thinkers, teachers, philosophers…etc. knew and were trying to teach us. I could go on…but, I won’t, don’t want to ruin the fun of your journey.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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