This is a shout out to the bright ones, the righteous ones, the ones that glow blue, and opalescence. This is a light twinkling  in love,  for the guides, the messengers, the healers that volunteered to get Terra Earth to the next level. It isn’t the easiest task, and you get plenty tired and frustrated, but, not-doing is sort of like not existing–and we simply cannot fathom that, as it’s never been.
The constant transformations, the sleepless nights, the fatigue, the buzzing, the vibrating, the noisey silence. The signs, the songs, the voices, the thoughts, the dreams, the… Oh…my goodness! Heehee…Junk DNA…rrriiiiggghhhhttt. I swear, when humans don’t know what to call something, rather than waiting for knowledge to be revealed, we simply discount it all together.  But, not to worry, we’re getting there, shift by shift, energy blast by energy blast. And, when you want to give up, there’s always a beautiful incentive to keep it going. I tell you, those new babies…The Crystals… Just… wow…no words.
For the regular readers this isn’t a departure from what I usually talk about… It’s apart of all I talk about. If you don’t know what a Crystal child is… Do your research. If you are thirsty for knowledge, I’d be more than happy to provide you with a cup, but, you will get your own (damn) water. 😉
I want to give a shout-out to my own personal entourage, my guides, my light crew both near and far. I want to give special shout-outs to my soulmates in flesh aka my inner circle, as I know how hard you are all working to make your own ascensions. Some of the most beautiful souls I know are realizing how beautiful they really are. (And, an extra shout-out to my twin flame. You’re so loved, by so many–come on, you can do this.)
I want to give love to the sparkles that hung out with me in the backyard last night, and the breeze that traveled far to bring me news of change. I want to give a shout-out to the silent sky that brought me so much peace with each inhale under the stars.
On October 3rd, I’m going to be 34. And, I’ve never felt so amazing in my life. Life is so good. And, as I turn 7–numerology (3+4), which is also my life path number, I realize that when I look in the mirror…heehee… it’s all good. I don’t know what 34 looks like for most people, but, for me and my friends, age doesn’t really apply itself as a physical manifestation. We actually look younger. I believe that wisdom on the inside brings youth on the outside. I’m going to spend my birthday with my people in the mountains, where the sky will be on fire with leaves, the air crisp with cold, and the sounds of a giggly me on a hike with some of my nearest and dearest.
So, what’s up ahead? More transformation, more sleepless nights, more vibrations, buzzing, and most of all… more love. And, oh…it is oh…so…good! Where does it end??? Um…well, that’s just the thing…it doesn’t.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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