Oh, the winds of change, the shifting water, shifting earth are asking, asking the same question I want to know… Are you who you say you are? I live in NYC, and I am quite grateful that other than being trapped in my borough (Brooklyn/Queens border), I am well.

That was one big storm, and the storm’s aftermath has been worse then the storm itself. All of us “good”, “caring” people are now being shown it’s time to live our goodness, right? But, question… why now? Why during a disaster do we remember kindness, why on Sundays, or Saturdays depending on your religion do you remember kindness, grace and love toward one another? In other words… WTF is wrong with us as a species?!

Five days a week we can walk through one another, past one another, and never connect on any level, and then a disaster strikes and… “Oh, I need your help! Can you hear me?! Heeellllppp!!! Yes, I know I was an asshole to you yesterday, but, I’m hoping you forget, and help me today.” Am, I implying that you do nothing? No. Am I implying that you should do something? No… So, what am I saying? What I’m saying is be who you say you are all the time! If you know that you are giving and wonderful, and lovely, and loving at your core… For the love of us all, don’t save that for a rainy day, hurricane, earthquake, act of terror, or anything before you share it! We could use love in all its various forms EVERYDAY here on Terra earth! So many people feel alone all day everyday, rain, shine, sleet or snow. They don’t care about themselves and they don’t care about you. Its insidious and it’s been gripping the planet for far too long.

I used to be an idealist… I’m pretty much recovered. I used to think most people are “good”. I don’t believe that anymore, nor do I believe that they are “bad.” I believe they are just straight up clueless! They don’t know who they are, so they do what other people are doing. If everyone is ignoring the homeless person… Perhaps everyone should. If everyone is saying so-and-so is awesome, maybe they are–even if my stomach doesn’t agree with the horde…

There’s this idea that being spiritual is all about clouds, rainbows, pretty words, and superficial happiness all the time… BULLSHIT! There’s this idea, that spiritual people are superior to those who consider themselves “normal” and not spiritual… BULLSHIT!  Awareness, is NOT  superiority. It’s a different experience of consciousness… I cannot, cannot, CANNOT stand the idea that someone assumes I’m supposed to be flowers and rainbows all the time. Hello, I’ve recently in the past few years made peace with the color PINK. It was too girly for me… Now of course, I love pink, because I expanded my view of myself. Nor, am I obsessed with the blackness of the void, curse words or my sword of truth. Hey, if I’m talking to you still… it means I’m still engaged. If I’m silent… well… I’m no longer engaged. 🙂

Am I the ideal of what spirituality looks like?? Wait, whose ideal?!  Hell, if I know– but, I AM the true Monica that I choose to be. If you meet me in a house, with a mouse, here or there, or anywhere… I’m still the same Monica, yes…there will always be an expanding awareness, but… there’s no pomp, no circumstances… There maybe fairy dust one day, and leather the next. I may hug a tree, or stomp pavement in NYC wearing stilettos… But, you will not be confused, because they are all me. And, all versions welcome those who want to share… But, I will not wear anyone’s expectations, labels, or judgements of who Monica is, and how she should express herself. I mean really… who can be me, but, me? Who can be you, but, you? So…why are we soooo obsessed with other people’s ideals, who, by the way probably don’t meet their own illusions of  “should”?

Isn’t it fun to think that there’s this idea of “perfection” that no one is ever going to meet? That way we can use it to beat ourselves and eachother into a miserable submission? Yeah…it sucks! So, why don’t we change the defintion of perfection from ideal to real. Who you are right now, when you are living from your core, your truth… you’re perfect! Who can argue with that and be right?! Your life will radiate that truth! You will shine so brightly, you’ll scare yourself, but, shine on anyway!

Indigos are a radical bunch… LOL But, that’s why I’m here… To give the status quo the finger and laugh! Nothing will get better if we don’t start, ” Be(ing) the change you wish to see in the world.”  Oh… Master Gandhi… they thought you were thinking pretty words… They didn’t understand you were providing direction… That they were being invited to get off their asses and DO something! Words on paper, are not you! When you embody those words…then, we can have a conversation about what’s real, and what isn’t… Until then, I’m calling BULLSHIT.

The wonderful thing about truth is… you don’t have to be a psychic to feel it… You only have to be open! You know when someone is being real and when they aren’t. So…why oh why are we expecting the world to be better, when we allow one another to lie and we smile in response? The state of the world, the stresses, the disruption, the angst… dude…it’s us, reflecting us, back to us! Mirror, mirror on the wall… I hate you, because you make me see myself! lol… If you don’t like reflection, change who is being reflected. So, don’t blame the rest of us, if you don’t like whose there.

Ah… that was pretty heavy huh? Yeah, but only your ego suffered. If you check yourself, you may be relieved that I said it out loud so you didn’t have to. Lmao! The only problem with that is… I get the benefits of calling it like it is… And, you just read it. You’re cool with that, right? Honestly…that relief of reading my truth, is going to wear off pretty quickly, because it’s not yours. Just like all those great quotes aren’t yours… they belong to those who had the insight, not those who read it. BE who you say you are… Live the truth of yourself. Personally, I’m tired of finding more pleasure in nature, than with people… Aren’t you?! We can do better, you can do better. So, the question becomes… What’s stopping you. Here’s a hint… Check your mirror. 😉


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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