So, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, the purpose of signs. What is the function of the sign? It tells you how close or far you are from your destination, correct? So, let’s think about this–what is a sign? Better yet, who? Ah…esoteric? Why, yes as always!
Recently, I gave a Pop Quiz to two people and one did very well, the other never gave his answers–I think I get a little too intense for him sometimes (eh…he can join the club, it has many members from what I understand). Anyhoo here it is…
1. What’s the difference between a preacher, teacher, philosopher and student?
2. How do you REALLY change the world?
I’ll give the answers at another time, because I think these questions bare thought and are completely connected to one another.
Now, let’s think about the road of life and how we get to our goals and dreams. Our parents (or parent-like guardians) prep us for our long hike through life. Theoretically, they teach us everything they know–and they make mistakes, because well, they just don’t know everything. Some are brave enough to realize that, some not. But…there it is.
Side note: I’ve resigned myself to admitting frequently through my kids’ (assuming I’ll have some) lives that I’m flawed, possiblyclueless, I will fuck up from time to time–but, I will always give my best. No pressure, for me or them–I don’t think it’s necessary in order to have a good life.
I believe that life is constantly helping us to get closer to our goals, whether these goals are negative or positive. Whatever you ask for, the universe will help you–Rob Brezney calls it pronoia (the antithesis of paranoia). Others call it “law of attraction”. But, here’s the thing–signs are often missed and we miss the opportunity that comes along with it. Much like driving on a interstate and missing your exit. Does that mean, the trip is a bust? No…there’s another exit coming at some point, you just have to pay closer attention next time, right? Or, sometimes, you have to take the wrong exit in order to turn around and go back to the right one, and get your journey back on track. Such is life. The key is: PAYING ATTENTION. It’s like talking on a cell while driving, or listening to the radio–we get too caught up in ourselves aka EGO, to notice–um, our lives are passing us by, or is it the other way around…hmmm… Here’s the thing, if we never get out of the mirror long enought to see what’s around us, it doesn’t mean the journey is impossible to complete, but, there will probably be delays and it’ll take us a bit longer to get there. Hehe…
Now, none of what I said applies if you’re not in the driver’s seat of your car aka life. A passenger approach to life is highly unpredictable, because you’ve relinquished your ability to have a say in where your life goes. But, because you gave up the keys to someone or something else, no matter where you go, it’s still your choice either way. So…you might want to give that some more thought. There’s no such thing as a powerless passenger, there is a such thing as giving away your the keys to your life. I don’t recommend it though–only heaven knows when you’ll get to your life’s destination–or if you’ll get there at all. What if the driver doesn’t want you to? What then?
Bottomline? If you really want to get to your destination, pay attention to the signs life is so generously, and lovingly giving to you, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Moreover….drive baby, drive!
Love, Peace Happiness N One,

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