Life is music if you think about it. It is the song that never ends, who’s beats and rhythms are constantly changing. The tempo is sometimes slow and easy, sometimes fast and you can hardly catch your breath. Yet, it’s still jamming. I think that’s why music will never go out of style.
A week ago today, I was at Dave Matthew’s Band Island Getaway, here in NYC. I went with my friend Leslie and gave my hippie-chick some air to breathe for that whole day. Outdoors, music, food, drink and postivie energy all around–heavenly! And, the synchroncity was in full effect. Not only did my friend whom I had been trying to get in touch with walk up to me (he was working the booths), but, we ended up sitting next to a couple that we sat next to the last time we saw DMB last October! Good times, people, good energy. I told Leslie my mid-life crisis would consist of spending and entire summer going to music festivals. And, I soooo mean it!
Life isn’t easy, it isn’t always hard. Even when predictable, we cannot predict everything in life. It’s sublime, it’s insane. It makes sense, it makes no sense. But, it’s music, and the choices are clear. We can be the wallflower, complaining that we can hear the music–but, have no rhythm. Or, we can shut up, feel the music and dance! When you dance, the music moves itself to your rhythm and the music becomes your song. Not just any song, but, your favorite song. The one that no matter how many times, you’ve heard it, when you hear it again–you’ve gotta bust a move! The music of  life and you are one. You’re the conductor…so, what song do you want to dance to? Don’t tell me, because I don’t need to dance to it–you do! Now…shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang–yeah, yeah!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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