Ah yes, show me, show me. I’ll believe what I see, not what you tell me.

Enough with words spoken in dishonesty, manipulation and fear. I’ve had enough. My resolve for truth grows with each now moment. And, my patience for idle-chatter, whilst feet┬áremain frozen is quite exhausted.

In all this observation of my growth and those around me, I’ve felt no regret for those I parted ways with. As, I’m sure on this journey–this never-ending journey, I’ll see you again. Eventually.

I’m happy… I’m happy with my flight-weight, with the simple tones that is my life. I find the lack of drama has the most dramatic effect on my well-being. Even in the midst, of a world in the midst of chaos, of churing weather-patterns of the Northeast… I am so gloriously happy.

I find myself wondering why people will not just be who they are? Why do they make their very existence so hard? It isn’t that life is hard, it’s that we are. For what??? I ask. Really, does it have to be hard, to prove you exist, even to yourself?

My existence in the grand scheme of things is everything and nothing. It’s everything to me, because I want to make sure, my time spent, is filled with good memories, great deeds, and deep impact. I’m here in service.

It’s nothing because, I am but, a speck in the great divine, the great void. And, that–that is a relief. I only have to do me. I only have to be responsible for myself, my actions and the consequences thereof. And, in the grand scheme of it all, that’s not asking too much. And, if it is… Well, that’s just too damn bad, I’m responsible either way.

Oh but, to know one’s self… the best love affair of all. To know myself in my most beautifully lit and darkest aspects. And, never be bored, never be afraid, never cowering in shame. It was well earned. It was hard until I realized, it’s my story no matter who deigns to “think” they have a say in it. No apologies folks, I have no apologies for you! ­čśë

Oh what’s his-name, her-name, the name of that group, or belief-system… I do not answer to you. I do not feel inclined to change to be more sutiable to your eyes. My thoughts and words will not be modified to ring pleasant in your ears. I will not be anything or anyone┬á other than who I AM. This is is what freedoms taste like, it is eaten, breathed, sung, and danced without inhibition, without permission… It just is.

So, show me who you are… I mean who┬á you ARE. I am not listening, nor believing who you WANT me to SEE.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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