I can’t speak for others but, it was clear to me from a young age. That I was different. And, when you’re little and you know this about yourself, and you have those close to you that love to point it out–like its an issue–your first instinct is to work against it. That, I can say was the biggest struggle of my life. Not being myself.

I suppose our first instinct as humans with egos run amok, is to think we need to flow with the mass ego of our society. And, if you, like myself have tried this impossible task, then  you know–it’s awful. I wouldn’t recommend trying to “fit” in anywhere. I would say, that you are better off “owning” who you are, how you think and how you feel. In other words, “shine”!

In this time of great change, there are so many people truly having hard time coping with what seems to be the shifting of the world– to its very definitions. But, alas, we are part of nature, we are not the creators of it. So, it would behoove us to use our brains, our will, our choices to go with the change. To resist has caused, and will continue to cause, great pain on both an individual and mass level. People who honor their individuality know this, for they are usually the first to say, “I don’t get this mass consciousness. This makes no sense to me. Why does it seem as if you all want move backward than forward?? And, why can we not live and let live?” These are the people with the ideas, with creativity, with the ability to shift paradigms–and, rather than making room for us to speak, there’s usually the frowns, the grunts of discouragement, or an all-out assault demanding conformity.

But, look, we are needed my fellow outliers, oddities, weirdos, or, let’s just say “awakened souls”. So, rather than looking outward for someone to pat us on the head, and say, “You’re okay, I accept you.” Be your beyond the norm self, look in the mirror, pat yourself on the head and say, “I accept you, and that is all that is needed.” The good news is, you’re not alone. I can honestly say, when you send out that silent call of “Is there anyone else out there like me?” You will get pinged back. I know this, because I’ve lived it hundreds of times over.

Who knew that the burning desire to think for yourself would be the key to self-discovery. Or, questioning the status quo?? I don’t know that I thought about whether it met anyone else’s expectation of right or wrong. I just knew that within my being, when I spoke truth as I knew it–it was like a huge gong of “YES!!!” went off within me and the ripples traveled far beyond my being. So, that feeling, that knowing, has always and will always trump any mass voice of “you must”, “you will”, “you have to”. Because the truth is, I don’t have to, I will not, and I don’t think so.” All, these things I can say and do with a smile on my face, and gleam in my eye.

In this time of great uncertainty, people walk around wearing the confusion, the fear and sadness on them, like ash from a fire. It’s just all over their aura, hanging there, weighing them down. It looks like it may hurt them to crack a smile from both their lips and eyes. And, you know what? While I have compassion for them, because I know there’s an alternative, I do not agree at all. So, while I know I glow all the time, I consciously raise my vibration to shine a bit “louder”. And, people see. Often times, I’ll have strangers just look over and look at me. I say nothing, I just look straight into their eyes, and I… smile. That’s it. Just a huge, high beam smile. And, what that can do for someone whose forgotten how, is nothing short of amazing. Because often times, my smile gets a return smile, a nod, and everyone once in a while a “thank you” with no sound.

It’s funny, we are taught to believe that the most important things you need are food, shelter and clothing. But, I don’t agree. Love, is the most important thing we need. Love given freely, shared freely, with no expectations. I know this because there are so many souls who have an over abundance of food, shelter and clothing, and they’ve forgotten love. How to receive it, and how to give it. And, yet, there are those who have very little food shelter and clothing, yet, they understand love, they know how to receive it, and give it.

Love is the fire that gives birth to the glow. It is the reason I shine. But, I couldn’t share love, if I hadn’t released myself from the expectations of those around me, and, embraced the truth of who I am. I cannot give to anyone, what I haven’t been able to create for myself. I cannot tell you anything, if I have not already lived it. I could not shine, if I hadn’t gotten out of my own way.

So, for anyone who’s newly awakened. And, is looking all around themselves, for someone like them. I AM here! You’re not alone. We’re not alone…there’s so many light beings (embodied and not) ready to answer your call. Look for the twinkle in their eyes–you’ll see it. Feel it in the energy behind their words…it’s hard to miss. Notice the ease in which they seem to go about the living of life. That’s you–even if you haven’t discovered it yet. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,



Today’s photo is inspired by “Johnathan Livingston Seagull” By: Richard Bach (namaste)

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