It doesn’t matter how many years I live in this city, when it snows, I never fail to be inspired by the tone of silence that comes in with it. It’s Friday and a snow-day… Ahh…the good life! Now mind you, I didn’t have the day off. I didn’t take the day off. But, any morning commute where I’m not bombarded with people on the subway, or I can enjoy the silence of my two block walk to the subway–is a good day.
Snow instanteously brings beauty to the ugliest of both people and places. It gives us a kind of innocence and calm with each snowflake that sticks. Snow forces you to contemplate. If you walk too fast, you’re going to slip and fall, so you have to be present to avoid eating pavement. Shoveling snow forces you to interact with mother-nature in a way you usually wouldn’t, and if you don’t breathe with purpose and patience,  you could give yourself a heart-attack. Snow forces you to either seek silence within your home, or seek connection with those that share space with you. Last night, I did both. I shared wine and laughs with my landlady, and her crazy crew, and also enjoyed the solitude in the lilypad with my lovely cats.
Snow in NYC, to me, is like putting your index finger over the mouth of a lover right before he or she says something stupid to perpetuate an arguement. Instead of fighting, you look into eachother’s eyes and decide to make-out and snuggle. LOL Sometimes, things can wait to be discussed.  It’s not about winning an arguement, but, overcoming an obstacle together. Once upon a time, I dated this guy who, unlike myself, is not a morning person! LOL We were lying there, I was talking um… ALOT ( heehee) and he was looking at me like he wanted me to die a slow and painful death! Instead of yelling at me, or saying something that would definately ruin the moment, he did one of the most brillant things EVER! He kissed me!  And, um… After…well…you know…  I said, “That was the best shut-up, I’ve ever heard!” LOL… Snow falling in NYC, in all it’s incessant yapping, and energy is like that! It makes you hush…it forces you to be there. It forces you, for a moment to change up your routine, and adapt. And, that is why I’ll always be in awe of it.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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