You know, I’m a rebel… Dave Matthew’s Band has this song called, “I Did it!” And, its about making a bomb made of love and care. And, dude…that’s sooo what I’m on right now. Although, I call it an energy ball and I send it to peeps through the ethers. In the words of Dennis Leary, “I think you hear me knocking. And, I think I’m coming in!” LOL
This morning was all about reacquainting myself with T’ai Chi. I must say, that is some good stuff. I tried to watch tv this morning… I did. But, after two cooking shows, my key-lime pie and coffee breakfast (yes, I really ate that!)… I was over tv for the day. The smell of Autumn (my favorite season) in the air has given me the giggles. Okay, fine, most things give me the giggles, but, the crispness of Autumn gets it own kind. Anyway, I got to talk to my two older siblings this a.m. and duuuuddddeeee…they both called me! Holla! See, the cool thing about being the oddly happy weird child of four is, I get called because I choose to encourage them no matter what’s going on. My family may not understand me…hm, actually, I think they may be starting to figure me out–in any case, they love my love-vibe! And, that no matter what, I’m not judging them, and my only interest is for them to find happiness. For example: My brother told me today he was happy! And, you know what my reaction was? Okay, besides the part where I said I was going to mark the calendar with red ink–I got teary-eyed. I got all mushy because I don’t remember the last time he’s ever said that to me! And, happy people rock! And, I’m glad he actually accepted the slice of it that was offered to him.
See, everybody wants to offer you their misery, because that means they don’t have as much to lug around. And, they don’t have to feel as bad about themselves, if their misery is reflected in every face they surround themselves with. I can name a few peoples that had been close to me, that either overtly or covertly tried to recruit me for their misery fest, yeah…couldn’t go. I was too busy pursuing HAPPINESS! Yeah, some of them are still kinda mad with me over that choice, but…eh, I don’t owe anyone anything.
Should I be upset that the falsehoods of the world are finding light? Should I be upset that people are feeling ill and gagging over the lies they’ve been fed for so long? Should I be mad that the dirtiest, most vulgar and tragic things humans can do to themselves, the planet and others are FINALLY so in-your-face that no one can turn away?! NO! Why would I be upset that people are finally waking up! –Are finally asking questions, taking back their own voices, brains, and willpower? Why would I be upset that the lack of excess money, is going to force us all to remember what’s important?! And, that greed is not only not good, but, downright deadly! Darkest before the dawn of a new day people–focus on what’s to come, and wave goodbye to what must pass. BYYYYYEEEEE ickinesss! I won’t miss you!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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