Okay…I’m coherent enough to tell you all that The script reading of ManChild Friday night… was AMAZING! It wasn’t that people showed, it was that people showed and stayed when we had a sound situation that took 50 minutes to fix, the entire house, which at a certain point, became standing room only! It was a 74 seat house! –It was that this emotional rollercoaster ride of a script came out of the mind and heart of a man, you’d never guess was capable of such greatness if you met him because he is the picture of “laid-back”, but, ladies and gents, don’t sleep on James Richards. –It was the utterly astounding talent, heart, and commitment of the actors, who performed a reading as if it WERE the show! It was the energy, of love, blessings, the crackle of a desire for excellence of three college friends who wanted to use art for what it was intended. –To make you think, feel, relate, laugh, cry, get angry. Our attempt to remind you that everyone has a story and that story deserves to be told.
I warned people that this would be unlike any reading they ever went to. The table  we got was never utilized–wish they told before we did the set up. LOL… The actors utilized the stage, eachother…everything! People laughed, cried, got angry, hurt, rememberd… Did I mention this was a reading?! Yes, it was. There was no movie, there was no play…  This reading delieverd exactly what I had hoped, a yearning, a need, a desire to know more! That audience walked away wanting to see the movie! Thus the beginnings of our marketing campaign… guerilla marketing ladies and gents!
The way I work is that I am sooo in to my work, the product, making sure everything is done. That, I don’t know how it went, because I’m just too close to it. All I knew Friday night was that people had been affected. They stayed when we were running late, they stayed to fill out the questionaire. My friends showed up for me, friends I hadn’t seen in years! My sister drove from DC to be there with me. Gilbert’s and James’ people showed for them, our cast’s people showed. And, yep… a lot of people none of us knew, because that postcard was all over the city! So…no…it didn’t hit me what a magical moment this all was. I’d been prepping for it for almost a year. So, no… I was working.
So, yesterday, on the way home from hanging out with my sister all day, I looked at her blankly and said, “Do you know I produced a screenplay reading last night?!” LOL… And, she looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Uh… Yeah…Duh!!!” And, laughed at me. You see, she had spent all that night, crying, smiling, and being proud of me. As did my brother, and my friends… but, it hadn’t set in for me what I had done with Gilbert and James…until that moment on the way home, almost a full day later.
I think its sorta like climbing a mountain… You have no idea how far you’ve hiked until you’re standing at the peak rendered speechless by the view. I love those moments. We underestimate ourselves, we’re awesome beings, we are great beyond our own imagination. Yeah…that’s enough of a reason to keep going! LOL
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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