So, here we are souls… days away from 12/21/2012… And, people are still expecting the world to end. LOL… I just can’t… I really can’t keep a straight face anymore, as people go a hunting for dooms-day, while we’re living in the middle of some of the most spiritually upsetting times of our collective lives. There has been so many nudges, smacks and sledgehammer situations in 2012, and yet people are still looking for “The end”. We are amazing in how stubborn we are when it comes to change, truth, and fear. People would rather cling to fear, than embrace change. Doesn’t matter that the fear will kill you, or encourage you to kill… As long as you don’t have to change. As long as you don’t have to question yourself, your up-bringing, your thinking, your religion, and everything you thought you knew about the world.

Here’s the deal… Life isn’t about making each moment a hallmark movie, a kodak moment, or a campbell’s soup commercial. Meaning: Sometimes it’s just not “Mmm mm… Good.” Sometimes, it’s ugly, sometimes it sucks… Sometimes you’ll have absolutely no clue what you’re doing… And, you know what? That’s still life! Life is about discovering, it’s about growth it’s about change. Life is about the good, bad, ugly, horrible, lovely, fun, dirty, sweet, and unbelievable experiences you’ll have while you’re here. If you’re going to flourish beyond the curves, bumps, and hiccups in life, you’d better create a strong CENTER for yourself. A strong HEART CENTER. Otherwise… start quacking, because you’re a sitting duck! And, it’s always duck season!

There are going to be more and more glaring rifts between those who are consciously aware of something “huge” happening to humanity. And, those who are too scared to acknowledge, deal, or go through what it takes to not only awaken, but, stay awake. People want peace, without acknowledging, respecting or welcoming our differences… Huh? In what reality does that make sense? We don’t live in bubbles, the world doesn’t function this way, but, people want to pretend we do. Hello 2012 has been about bursting your bubbles… 2013 and beyond will make sure you never have the capacity to live in a bubble again. Understand? Better yet, do you choose to acknowledge this “understanding”?

Truly, how difficult is expansion? It’s only as difficult as your ability to control yourself. For many… that’s a hard task indeed. As, it never occurred to them, that the problem with the world is THEMSELVES and not everyone outside of them. 😀 Blame, finger pointing… them, them, them… But, at the end of the day… it’s YOU that’s unhappy. It’s you that’s getting stuck in the same place, the same relationships, the same shit different day of your life–not them. Hmm… You could do some soul searching…sure. But, chances are your soul has been talking the entire time, and you’ve been wearing ear plugs just as long.

I won’t lie…I’m a lightworker all the time. I live from my I AM all the time. It annoys people… I think they should leave. 🙂 Surely, if I agitate you that much–that your ego is getting inflamed… Two things are happening: 1. I’m doing my job as a lightworker 2. Your ego needs a moment of both reflection and deflation. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… Your ego isn’t you…it’s a tiny, usually bratty, side of yourself that thinks it  cannot withstand being challenged, hurt, or reprimanded. I have no problem saying this: That has nothing to do with me. I’m being my authentic self, and if that bothers you… Namaste, and happy trails on your life’s journey.  You can expect a lot of lightworkers to give you the same response. A lot of us are just so fucking happy being ourselves, that your not liking it… just doesn’t register. “Hello? Hello? Is that your ego talking? Yeah, um… not interested. Namaste!” (hangs up the phone).

2012 is ending with me ending relationships no longer working in my highest interest. I’m living in a space that I’ve created for myself. I am free here, I am me here. I don’t require permission, I make no apology, and I don’t live by societies bullshit pleasantries. I’m not shallow, I am deep. I live from my heart, I love from there too. I can deal with life’s ugly moments just as I can deal with the happy ones, because I CHOOSE my reaction. I don’t do passive aggressive, nor do I deal with it. I respect people’s boundaries, as I protect my own. At the end of the day people, a teacher provides tools, whether or not you pick them up, has nothing to do with the teacher who gave them to you.

It’s quite easy for some to label me as “heavy”, “deep”, a “hardass”, or thinking I’m better than others… It’s easy, because it takes the focus off of themselves. The problem is: I’m holding a mirror, and we (you and I)  still see you. I won’t wear anyone’s label, because I’ve given no one any authority to define me for me. Again… Is that too much for you? Wonderful… Go. 🙂

At some point in your journey, you have to choose who gets to be in your life’s story, and who needs to leave. When you love you–you want to do what’s best…all the time. When you have you–you are never lonely, thus, you don’t “need” others, you only “want” them. When you have you–you don’t have to settle for the scraps in life, whehter they be people, food, jobs, etc… You just don’t do it, and have no problem saying so.

The shifting energies are just getting started. People who were hoping 2013 will provide the energies for you to go back into stupidity, ignorance (willful or otherwise) and take a long nap– you’re about to get your ass kicked… Thought I should tell you. But, again, I and so many before me HAVE been telling you for years to wake up… Some listened, some didn’t, some have been getting angry for those of us who dare speak. Newsflash, we weren’t speaking for you–but, ourselves. Truth is only freeing, when you free yourself to speak and live it.

I love being human, but, I’m not stopping there, because it is not where I began. And, neither did you. The ego is on it’s way to becoming the tool it always was, not the naked emperor who wants smoke blown up his ass. This is a blessing, whether you recognize it or not. This is healing in the only way we humans will allow– tragedy first, then epiphany, and then, and then, and then, and finally then… evolution.


Love Peace Happiness N One,




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