One of the things I’ve always been annoyed about when it comes to wise people, or, righteous people is this energy of arrogance that they seem to have when speaking to you. It’s as if they are saying, “Listen, idiot, let me explain to you how life works. I know you don’t get it because you’re too stupid to understand.” –Not only is this approach counterproductive, its also disrespectful, but, mostly…its simply untrue.

If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again–wisdom isn’t knowledge, and knowledge isn’t knowing. Knowing is wisdom. Being able to recite the holy book, scientific book, or any book of your choice gives  you knowledge, hey, maybe even some intelligence–I’ll give you that. But, it does not, nor, will it ever, make you wise. To be wise, you must experience the knowing, period. You must be the living testimony of your wisdom. Anyone can recite the thoughts of others, or, quote them, verbatim. But, it is someone else’s experiences that you are reciting, not your own. And, while people may admire your intelligence and knowledge. It’s the living example of your wisdom, that will give them insight to their own development.

It occurred to me a long time ago, that if you want to be understood, you must speak plainly. I’m a poet, a writer and mostly a script writer, so, to insert high fallutant words into my work, when I can use simple ones–to me is a waste for those I’m attempting to reach. If you have to grab your dictionary to read my thoughts, then, my message is probably being lost. And, that bothers me. And, as a child that’s how I felt about some adults. Whether they were ministers, professors, or some stray adult on the street, thinking this child needed their guidance. Yeah…probably not. But, some people think adulthood entitles them to wisdom, that too is a fallacy, in my opinion. True adulthood is a journey into maturity, the knowing of one’s self  and taking responsibility for one’s actions. And, if you’re really good at being an adult, you ponder the action before taking it. Yes, I know that’s advance, but, I know it can be done.

I’ve always believed that the difference between, a preacher, teacher or student is NONE. We’re all playing the role of one of them for ourselves, or someone else at any and all times.  And, if you want to teach, you should understand, that the student, whether they be your congregation, or highschool students, deserve respect in that they are part of all that that is. Meaning: Do not speak to someone as if they are beneath you, because wisdom would tell you that that cannot be so. We are all one. Therefore, if a newly embodied soul, that like you, had to forget itself upon birth, comes to you for guidance–You are to help them remember themselves through empowerment, not through self-righteousness. This is a service industry, not a worship industry. I believe people have lost sight of that. Being a guide of any sort, is an honor. Therefore when guiding, be honorable.

I, personally, have always gravitated toward wisdom shrouded in humble, self-confidence. Now, how does that work? It’s simple. A person who is wise need not find a roof-top to shout from, when, they can be just as wise in the grocery line talking to a random stranger. One person enlightened is worth as many as thousands. In fact, one person enlightened is sure to become thousands. As a clear message, that speaks to the core of who we are–the oneness of all, will be heard, and will be spread. I know this, because I’ve experienced it.

On the flip side, I’m concerned that everyone is so interested in making the messages sound “good”, “easy”, and “fluffy”, that it is causing confusion. Fore example: Shouldn’t we be talking about “The Dark Night of The Soul” more? I mean, it happens, and as you continue to wade and then swim into the depths of yourself, you will find yourself there over and over again, on different levels. There are times when shedding who you were, to become who you want to be is PAINFUL. You may get depressed, you may have major shifts in your life: ie.  job loss, relationships lost or changed. Major traumas may find their way to you simply to help you shed a layer of false you, in order to reveal the true you. As you become more of who you are, some people in your life will vehemently try and sabotage your development. Not out of a hatred for you, but, perhaps as a way to preserve themselves. If you don’t change, then they don’t have to. Or, simply you may be using your voice in a way, that makes other people uncomfortable. But, its your truth, and therefore you cannot be quiet about it, as it is a disservice to yourself. This IS part of the ascension PROCESS. And, there’s no getting around it. You cannot reveal your true nature, without releasing the false persona.

Okay, now, what I’ve said may sound not so “nice”, but, the word “nice”, means agreeable. And, one doesn’t have to be smart to realize that things aren’t always nice. But, a wise person, realizes that niceties, can be detrimental to their own development. Therefore, while they do not go out of their way to be disrespectful, they do not hesitate in being viewed as “not nice” simply because their truth doesn’t serve the status quo.  Truth, is a fire, once lit, only spreads, it does not go out.

There’s so many things that make me happy, I could not begin to name them all. But, what I’m most passionate about, is arming every soul that asks, with the tools to discover the truth of themselves. A lot of the times, I see these beautiful bright souls waving at me, from within a human body, unaware of the brilliance that they carry. But, yet, they find me, so, some sort of awakening is occurring. I’ve travelled a certain amount of road. So, I can tell you what I know, what I’ve experienced. And, if it helps you–then, wonderful. But, I have to admit–I didn’t do for you, or anyone else for that matter. My spiritual journey, my awakening, my ascension is about me. Selfish? No. It’s the truth. For, no matter what a preacher, teacher, master, or whomever says to you–they can only speak of what they know. And, what they know is their journey, and, while we may all benefit from it–it’s for them. As, yours is for you. No so-called martyr, thinks of themselves as such, if they be wise. 😉

Love Peace Happiness n One,


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