I wonder at this call to change… Do you really mean it this time? And, sure, the fact that we’re in an election year, and it’s super Tuesday personifies this–this call. But, do you believe its possible? I mean, I know I do. The truth is, its more than casting a ballot at a voting booth. It’s about remaining educated and vocal afterward. Now… I’ve said before, that I don’t consider myself political. But, I do consider myself a human being, and I believe in human rights. And, for that…I’d die. I mean..so many have before me to make sure that I’d have a voice to speak with. In my opinon we watched the presidency be stolen from the people in the recent past, and we did nothing. And, we ALL paid for it in ways that we never imagined, and will deal with for the rest of our lives.
But, seriously…it’s more than our politics that need to change. We as individuals need to change. We all need to wake up to the fact that we are just as responsible for the state of our country as those we elect. Not only that, but, the state of our world. For example about a week or so ago on the subway, I stopped a guy from stealing another guy’s cell phone. The would-be thief is a regular hustler on the subway who  poses as homeless and asks for money. The would-be victim really already is. He was a man clearly in the midst of a heroine high. He was soo blasted he didn’t know where he was. That has to be one of the most heartbreaking things to watch. Anyway, just as the would-be thief was about to walk in between cars to make his getaway, I said, “Ayo…you gonna give that guy back his phone?!” Yeah…I really did that. And, no, I wasn’t scared. No, it wasn’t the first time. I stopped a guy from stealing food from deli the same way. My exhusband and I stopped a teenager from robbing people on the train the same way. I simply SAID SOMETHING! By the way, after making up a million excuses, the would-be thief not only gave the guy back his phone, he tucked it inside the guys waist of his pants. After the guy was just coherent enough to confim that, yes, the phone was his. The would-be thief kept apologizing to me saying he didn’t know the phone was the dudes (did I mention the phone was on the floor directly under the dudes hand?). I just kept saying…”It’s okay, blessings, have a great weekend.” He finally left.
Everytime something like that happens, it amazes me how people behave when you just say something. And, that sad thing is, most people not only say nothing…they look the other way. And, that’s what’s happened to the world. We’ve turned our ears down, closed our mouths, and turned our eyes in the other direction. Those three little monkeys seeing, speaking and hearing no evil have left us all without hope, desire, or will to fight on our own behalfs. And, how do we deal with this??? How about that strung-out celebrity, or the one day sale, or the desperate housewives, this anti-depressant, pain killer, cigarette, drink, food, or…?  You get the picture. We medicate. Aren’t you tired everyone? Aren’t you tired of needed something, anything, EVERYTHING to distract you from the fact that hearts are shutting down all over the place, replaced by fear mongering, and apathy??? If you want change…start with YOU FIRST!  And, then hire a representative to speak on your behalf! Leaders are made such by the people who follow them. And, the people who follow should be lead by their own hearts and consciousness! So…don’t just tell the world you want change… SHOW the world you want change!
Love Peace Happiness N One.

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