My goodness, this current economy truly brings out the best in people–okay, so, I’m totally being a smartass. It’s just that I’m really over the nasty attitudes that have gone along with the nasty economy.

Listen, I don’t expect people to be jumping for joy over job loss, frozen credit or living under a mountain of bills. But, I am not interested of being the whipping boy for anyone else, either. The truth is, we’re in this together, and the stupidest thing we could do is lash-out just because we’re frustrated. I’ve noticed that people are becoming more self-absorbed, selfish and just plain greedy. It’s rather disgusting.

This morning on the subway, I found myself laughing at people as they pushed, shoved, and angled their way into the morning rush hour. All of this, just to make sure they got on that train, as if it were the last one…ever. And, on top of the shoving, the moment they’ve secured their place on the subway, they stand right IN FRONT OF THE DOOR. Surely, if you’re on the subway, the other 999,999 people don’t need to go to work either, right??? LOL I watched some woman who had her foot up on a seat, have it sat on by another woman. And, not a word passed between the two. Seriously, WTF? Physical contact made and not a word passed? It’s truly inhuman, if you ask me. My theory is that people are in such denial of themselves, their feelings, and so unaware of what’s going on with them, that soon, the human being will be nothing more than an android.

I saw Revolutionary Road last week, and this film illustrates what I’m talking about. People faking their lives. People going through the motions, pretending that their life is the life they want, when rarely is that the case. If it were, we wouldn’t need to be distracted and medicated so much. You should’ve seen how much alcohol was consumed, and how many cigarettes were smoked in that movie. Crazy!!! I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, but, I will say this… there’s no happy ending. When you fake life, there rarely is.

I’m an artist, and I fully expect that the artists (my people!) will rise to the occassion, and document this “…Winter of our discontent…” with new ideas, innovation, creativity and humor. But, honestly, I personally am looking to remove myself from all of this rat-race stuff completely. In addition to the film and store, I’ve decided to dive more into my holistic, spiritual side, and allow this aspect to take center stage. Thus far, I have completed Reiki I. So, I’m attuned to help friends, family and my cats to heal themselves. It’s only the beginning of my Reiki journey, but, at some point in time, it will be one of the modalities in which, I suport myself.

I have to say, when a person decides to go into healing, they really need to make sure it’s something they are committed to fully. As, it will change you–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You just will not function the same, see the world the same, and in my opinon, there is no going back. Sounds grave, huh? I don’t think so, as I’m not interested in going back to a time when I was unaware, out of tune, or the like–I’d argue I never was, but, just not as clear, or sharp. 😉  –If people knew how downright alien they look when they are clueless, they’d probably put a bit more effort in learning about who they really are. And, if we did make the learning of ourselves a necessary life experience, it’d be almost impossible for the state of our world to be the way it is.

The truth is, humans have more of a herd mentality than we’d like to admit. It’s hard to be the weirdo that everyone wonders about. It’s so much easier to follow the herd to it’s ulitimate demise. You’d have to actually care more about yourself and what you think, than what the herd demands. If we’re truly supposed to be a herd speicies, we wouldn’t have the capacity to think for ourselves. For the record, I like being weird. I like having people raise an eyebrow to the things I say, or how I think. Why? Because for that moment, where you look at me and think “weirdo”, I know you have to wonder how much you really are like me and all the other freaks and geeks; who are such, not because they try, but, because they are just being an individual. Apparently, that’s what individuality has been reduced to: being called “weird.” Oh…ye humans, such a lack of imagination amongst us! LOL…

I don’t know if there’s a nice way to say, “Um hey, this herd, pack mentality thing…it blows. It’s boring, it’s destructive, it’s predictable. And, I’m not going to do it anymore, because I think you all are crazy!” Yeah, that’s probably not nice, huh??? Oh well, at least it’s the truth! LMAO. I’m looking forward to living in the alternative–not for shits and giggles, but, just because I enjoy living life, not pretending it.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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