Jack-in-the-box s’got nothing on me… do you see me coming? Probably not, but, you’ll feel me.
Is this end, or the beginning…or, both? Hm…tune-in, the answer is in the next moment.
Why do people spend more time avoiding their lives, rather than living it? It’s like I’m swarmed with zombies, who don’t even hunger for brains–their own or other people’s…so sad.
Is happiness a fantasy for most people, yet when the opportunity arrives people would rather turn-tail and run, because they’re truly afraid of it?
Why take a drug called ecstacy–what, is it easier to buy rather than earn? Hmm…probably. I mean, if you’re a user, chances are you more depressed than ecstatic.
Why do people settle for jobs, mates and lives they know will kill them in the long run? I mean, what wrong did you do to yourself to suffer in that capacity?
Why don’t people live the lives they wish for the world? Is it easier just to point fingers at governments, religion and your next door neighbor, because the person in the mirror is the one you have the least control of?
Why do people talk about theories of change, evolution and revolution, but, stop short of implementing them? Walk the talk or…shut up already!
Why is internal dialogue frowned upon? A conversation with yourself could mean life or death for yourself, or, someone else–yeah…have that talk.
What’s up with herd mentality??? I thought leaders were the ones who carved their own path–not follow on a trail left by someone else.
Why are people afraid to be alone with themeselves? Shouldn’t you be your favorite person to hang with, and the one you like the most?
And, why is individuality labeled weird? Does everyone need to be labeled and filed under “normal”, when you know good and well you aren’t?
Yeah…grab that butterfly net, and catch those thoughts if you can.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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