Sorry, this isn’t a love song… This is a life song…

I want to make it clear, when you decide to wake up… it completely and totally changes your life. The way you see, hear and experience the world shifts, and continues to do so the further down that rabbit hole you travel. And, there’s no home to go back to. Home becomes each now moment given to you. It is every breath you inhale, and you must choose to become comfortable, accepting and grateful for each bit of home you experience.

The world outside…it becomes this movie, this living breathing, oftentimes flat picture, that you just no longer “get.” Why are people doing the same things over and over again, but, insist its something new? Why do people say all the “right” things, yet, their actions say otherwise?? And, why am I more passionate about myself and less so about the chaos around me? For me it  is simple: I cannot truly do anything about how the world chooses to excercise it’s freewill, or, whether or not they choose to acknowledge that they have it in the first place. I, can acknowledge, practice and live the Mastering of me.  It sounds simple. But, when you think of all the masters who lived before us, you’ll notice that while they lived simply, the world continued to crash in with its chaos, and yet…the masters reacted with dignity, wisdom, sometimes sorrow, but, mostly with humor.

This has been one of the best and worst summers ever for me. I’ve spent a lot of time smiling, hanging out with my friends and my inner geek has seen almost every comic book driven / fantasy film in the theatres. And, yet… I have been completely tortured with bugs throughout much of this season. If it’s a bug, needs blood to procreate, then I swear…it will find me. To say its been horrible would be an understatement. To say it was closer to 24/7 torture would be more accurate. But…at the same time, the insect kingdom has literally bit me into shifting… There are some exterior changes to my world that require altering. And, now, I am no longer being allowed to be content with where I’ve been. It’s time to get it moving.

I read a recent channel of Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman, and he discussed a concept called, “divine discontent”. It’s more than a concept, it’s the place where my soul constantly resides. I don’t think any lightworker, or wayshower can avoid this place. I was born with divine discontent… I’ve always believed there was more I could do, be, and become. It’s called growth, and while not everyone is into it, aware of it, or a student practicing it… it is divine discontent that promotes life.

My major pet peeve these days is the constant rainbow, and cotton candy chatter about spirituality. Please, if you have someone’s ear on this way of being… be honest… it’s fucking hard! And, the moments in which it is easy, are yes, beautiful, but, never prolonged to the point where you don’t get nudged, smacked, or kicked into ascending higher. And, to give souls the impression otherwise is irresponsible, at best.

So, what is it about? It’s about having a human experience. That’s it. And, as a co-creator  you get to decide how you will spend your time incarnated as human. You are divine energy expressing itself…period. There’s no rules, or regulations on how or what kind of experience you will co-create, but, it is a gift, and quite powerful to be conscious of what you are capable of. What you are here to do is master the art of being yourself– despite the murmerings of the ego in its fragility. Or, the naysayers who both love and hate you. You get to decide who and what you will be in this now moment, on this planet at this time. It’s a great power to have, so, wouldn’t it be wise to be conscious of how you–this great power works? This space is the birthplace of divine discontent. It’s constantly prodding you on to keep going, keep living, keep creating, keep experiencing, this beautiful adventure called human.

I know these things for sure, because I’m living them. Otherwise, I couldn’t possibly tell you about it. Conscious living, is having all levels of you awake, united, living and working together as one. And, when you can master working with yourselves as one… the rest of us, won’t be such a challenge. But, right now…we have a major issue with people phoning it in, and expecting the world to change for the better. I’ve never seen anyone sleep walking use their best judgement. When I used to sleep walk, I’d always wake up freezing my ass off on the bathroom floor. lol!

We are also under the impression that life is always about pleasure without pain. Sorry, but, no. Someone was in a great deal of pain just bringing you here. You were screaming because it was cold when you arrived, and your first breath in your lungs was painful. But, the first embrace of love, quickly difused the discomfort. See…that’s life. Pain happens, but, love comforts it. Wisdom is sometimes earned by experiencing discomfort. So, to try an avoid pain, is attempting to avoid life… good luck with that. There’s a balance to life, and mastering this balance within, is what consciousness is about. You won’t get right all the time, everyday…and, that doesn’t matter. But, eventually, you will. You will know yourself,  you will love yourself, have compassion for yourself…and yes, even enjoy being human. It’s just going to cost you that lazy, slumber thing that has yet to work for any of us– individual, or, as a whole. Is that a lot to pay?? I can’t answer that for you. I just know, I am not built to do it. 😉

So, yes…it’s deep…it gets deeper, but, I’m here, I’m staying, and I’m going to keep going.  I cherish being human, no matter how many times I’ve done it before! lmao!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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