I just got off the phone with my neice who asked me to interpret this dream she had of talking to a runaway friend on a phone that had an extension chord that would not extend outside where she was trying to take the call, which quickly turned into being stalked by a shawdowy figure that was about to asault her… Why am I telling you this?

The first part of the dream was about holding on to something, or someone past it’s extension point. The second, is about fear of being assaulted with someone else’s ideas and becoming a victim to it.

This is important for two reasons: 1. My niece is a teenager. She has friends who are on the verge making some serious life mistakes. She wants to help, but, doesn’t want to get caught up in the drama. 2. My niece is a teenager, trying to figure out herself and worried about being accepted and fitting in.

My point? She represents a crucial time inĀ  our lives where we decide who we are going to be. A follower, or a leader. And, the decison we make can have a lifetime effect on us.

I am not a conformist. Nope… I am not a fan of authority or fitting in. I’m happy being alone. And, I and a few more like me are the minority in this society. Now mind you, I have quite a few friends, really amazing friends and friendships, but, all have been nurtured, cultivated from a standpoint of I love them for who they are and I imagine the feeling is mutual. I tell them the truth, I don’t sugarcoat, nor take sides. I ask them to do the same for me. See…anyone can lie to you and tell you you’re right all the time. But, only a true friend will say, “Are you crazy?!!!! No…you’re wrong! Go fix that!” If anyone of you are wondering why I can honestly say I’m happy with myself. That was your answer.

Individuality is so disrespected in this time, conformity is the agreed upon lie that most of us live. And, gosh…it hasn’t been a good time since…Hilary was beating Bill in the white house (Primary Colors–come on you think that didn’t really happen?!). Your right to be you and do that truthfully regardless of what the polls say is your divine right. And, if you live a life someone else perscribes for you, know that they’ll always be that shadowy figure in your psyche ready to assault the victim. As Bono says, “We’re one, but, we’re not the same…”

I told my niece that I believed that if she let go of the friendship she was trying to hold on to, and accepted that she may not always fit in–now, she can avoid the following in the future: 1. therapy 2. drug addiction. 3. abusive relationships 3. alcoholism 4. Eating disorders 5. teen pregnancy …hey…the list goes on and on. But, I think you get my point. Honoring your right to be you is huge, if you cannot be your own best ally, no one else will either. If you’re looking in the mirror and don’t like who’s staring back at you…well… chances are…you get my point.

A lesson for us all thanks to my very cool and courageous neice…

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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