Call me pessimistic, but, in a day and age where the women out number the men, about 2-1 globally, it has been my observation that the relationship between the heterosexual male and female have seemingly gone from bad to worse. We have lived in a patriarchal society for so long women have all but, forgotten their ability to be assertive and men have forgotten they have emotions at all. No, I’m not talking about in their jobs, I’m talking about in their relationships period.

Often times, I’ve heard my male friends say that we–the women have the sexual advantage. As, we decide whether or not a guy will “get some” in a particular case. And, while I dispute that to some degree, I do understand their point. Yet, most women are completely clueless to this way of thinking. A woman with all her seemingly physical fragility is the completely scary to a man when she is forming her lips to say, “No.” Yet, women see the situation as a detriment. In her mind, she has to compete for a man’s attention as there are less of them than there are of her. So, she becomes what she thinks they want. She questions her looks, her intellect, and her physical capabilities. Why? Because she believes that being too smart, too pretty, too anything will automatically turn off a possible mate.  And, thus… no one is happy.

I believe the lack of women honoring their masculine side, is part of the reason, why the King is missing, replaced by little princes stomping around in robes too big for them. In child-rearing, it has historically been the mother’s role to nurture, the children. And, for some reason, the boys do not get the same treatment as the girls and vice versa. Girls are taught to be “ladies” who never say what they truly want or need from a man. But, become master manipulators with their femininity. Men are taught to use brute strength to get their way, and are only taught about anger in regards to emotion. Thus…the Princess never becomes Queen and the Prince, never King.

I am dismayed by what’s become of us. But, I will say this–This Queen lives. It wasn’t something that was taught by my mom. She can be assertive, but, feels she has suffered greatly for it romantically. She apologizes… I… DON’T. I love knowing that I can nurture as well as discipline. I enjoy being the woman who can express her sexuality, without dishonoring it, by using sex and a means of manipulation. I do not need a mate to feel good about myself. Even in seemingly modern times, women still aren’t being educated to believe that they do not have to be chosen by a mate, but, can choose the mate they want.

So, here I am, an assertive, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, talented Queen wondering… Where’s my King? Do they even make them anymore? Are there men out there, who understand that having a strong woman, doesn’t mean you have to be a weak man? Are there men out there, who know there’s a rainbow of emotions to experience, that don’t include anger? Does he know how to not only feel his emotions, but, express them? Every mother needs to think of the Kings and Queens her children are being prepared for, when she goes about raising them. I cannot think of a more influential character in our lives than our mothers. The kingdom has run amuck, because we’ve lost our balance within ourselves, our families and ultimately the world as we know it. All around, I see the Queens, becoming more independent, more powerful–resentful, lonely, bitter. They are royalty, but, are expected to settle for a man-child. And, her majesty isn’t feeling it, and she most certainly isn’t hearing it. The Queens are creating families, homes, and futures…alone. And, while I do not choose this path for myself, I understand why some might. The Queen is tired– she’s lost hope waiting for the return of the King.

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