Healing comes in rest, as does transformation. I’ve been pondering these thoughts a lot as of late. I have been doing so because I’ve been sleeping a great deal on the weekends, and weeknights for some time. And, I know I do it because I work a lot. And, I think a lot, and I’m in the constant flux of transformation, much like the planet herself. Or, the crab beneath the waves shedding its old shell for a new one. Or, some snake in a field sleeping as it’s skin is born anew. When you realize you’re apart of everyone and everything around you–you can see that resisting rest is resisting the natural flow of things.
I know some people have a real problem with quiet. In fact, a lot of people are fearful of it. What is it that they fear? Oh…I imagine it’s the part of them that would like to be healed. Or, they think that if they are still, or if they sleep they will miss something. And, that’s true. They are missing something, the chance to heal, to rejuvenate, and to work through issues. We do a lot in our sleep. The dreamstate is a wonderful place to find inspirations, new ideas, or to solve a “problem”. We don’t honor problem solving as much as we do problem-having, and that’s a shame. Having issues, doesn’t mean you have a life. It just means you have issues.
In the past, it was very hard for me to relax, as I really thought that working hard was a good thing. And, now, I believe in working smart. I’m no longer part of the “nose to the grindstone” club. I’ve come to learn that there are certain practices that I cannot function well without. One is mediation. It’s so important to know how to turn off your mind, with its incessant talking. There’s nothing like the silence of your mind, and just being with yourself. It’s like a vacation without even moving. I believe in massage theraphy, preferably Qi Gong massage. It’s important to release any energy blockages that may be caught in your muscles. Blocked energy of any sort, doesn’t just disappear, it’s stored. It can be stored in our muscles, our minds, our psyche, but, it’s somewhere. And, we don’t heal unless the blockages are removed. Spending time in nature is also a great way to heal. I think we humans underestimate the healing capacity of the outdoors. I’m so blessed that I was born in a place where “shoes and shirts” were a lot of the time, optional. I love going barefooted outside. There’s nothing like it. And, finally…unplugging. I do this almost everyday. I can sit in my apartment for days on end without turning on the tv, internet, or speaking on the phone. Technology can go from being a aid to an addiction in the blink of the eye. It’s important that we know how to unplug.
I have to say, I feel like the The Hermit. The Hermit in tarot is a card of wisdom. As the hermit chooses to be alone in order to ponder his/her thoughts. In order to comtemplate nature, and his/her place in it. The hermit is a student of the natural order of things. And, if you look at many students of religion, academics, or almost anything for that matter, you’re going to find the hermit archtype. Merlin lived alone in a tower. Yoda lived in a swamp, alone. Gandalf the Grey traveled and lived alone. “Grasshopper” from Kung Fu lived and traveled alone. Nuns, monks, abbeys, abbots, etc… always understanding that mastering silence and precieved loneliness will broaden your wisdom everytime.
My current age, 33 is a master number in numerology. All numbers like it are. 11, 22, 33, etc. It’s the energy of the number three doubled. Do I feel like a master??? Haha…sometimes, but, most of the time, I think of myself as the student, and sometimes, I’m both simultaneously. And, all of these things I grow more comfortable with as I practice. And, I’m blessed that my sanctuary, The Lillypad is the perfect place for me to be alone with my helpers aka my cats. It’s mostly quiety here, but, bright in color and energy. It’s cozy, homey, and very calm. For me, its a kind of paradise. It’s a good place to retire, and as my friend Susan would say “rest my head” as I tranform. So, who will I be after this transformation??? Well, if the Monarch butterfly who wanted to fly inot my house a few weeks ago is an indication–I will be goregous! Oh, right, I should tell you that in Native American Medicine or spirituality, the Butterfly is the totem animal for transformation.
It’s important inertia, rest, reflection, sleep… It’s the place where everything comes together. And, so many people are avoiding it. Makes you wonder.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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