For the record, I was raised Christian. But, upon my own need to answer a lot more questions that I had, out of my own need to find my own spiritual home, I studied many different religious belief systems. And, for the record, I found that I do not agree with any of them whole-heartedly. And, this–this is my choice.
So, when ANYone, of ANY religious belief system, tries to convert me to their way of thinking by usage of propaganda, verbal assault, or showing up to my home unwelcomed, I get upset. There seems to be this huge, arrogant assumption amongst people that because I do not believe the way they do, I must not know God. There’s this idea that only your God is the real God and any other God that doesn’t meet your God’s definition, must be false.
Yesterday, here at my home, my temple, some church-goers rang my doorbell. There this woman was holding her propoganda asking me to take it, as it was free. Imagine that??? God being free?! I looked her and told her, that I knew “it was free.” And, with that understanding, I questioned why she was at my door. What, because I wasn’t sitting next to you at church, I don’t know God is free? What I was taught in Sunday school was, the kingdom of heaven is within me. I was also taught to congregate with like minds, which I do. Just not at a church as most would describe it, not a temple, or a mosque. But, I do congregate with those who think as I do. And, I do not need to validate myself, my belief system, or my bottom line by coercing people!
The lack of respect people have for our differences is the root cause of a lot of agression in the world. The lack of respect for choice causes unnecessary friction, and too many times it’s been said, that this it what God wants. I do not, nor will I ever agree that any creator would have it’s creations killing one another in it’s name. That’s like asking parents to choose between their children–no parent  (in their right mind) would watch their child parrish, because of their need to feel important! In short, it’s insanity! And, we as individuals should question anyone, any doctrine, any holy book that says, we need to violate the choice aka freewill of one another, and force our belief systems onto them!
I’ve made it clear I do not believe in organized religion. I believe that all things and all people are divine in nature. I honor the God/Goddess in all of us, which is what the spirit of “Namaste” means. I’m not asking anyone to believe as I do, I’m asking people to think for themselves. And, if you choose not to, that’s fine as well. But, do not ask me to follow blindly behind anyone. If I was supposed to be blind, I wouldn’t have eyes to see. If I weren’t supposed to think, or feel, or be able to discern, I wouldn’t have been blessed, with my own mind, body and spirit. Indeed…God is free, ominpotent, omnipresent. To be found anywhere, all the time for anyone.
Oh, what happened to the people at my door? I told them quite simply that my belief system doesn’t agree with theirs. I wished them blessings, and asked them to leave my home.
Love Peace Happiness N One,
**P.S. If someone has an “OM” windchime outside their door. Chances are, they aren’t Christian.**

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