I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for a few days, as this report may scare a few on “their” personal paths to ascension, and petrify those who are just hearing “the call.”  But, I gotta do it.  Here’s the deal: it ain’t easy! There will be days where you’re questioning yourself, questioning the world around you, and wondering, “Am I losing it?!” And, the answer is: YES. You are losing who you were to become who you want to be. That is the trade off. And, in those times where you’re thinking, “Perhaps, I could give being ‘normal’ one more try,” you’ll find, the way back no longer exist. It’s gone. The moment you woke up to consciousness, you changed the trajectory of everything–you transmuted energy, you changed, and the world around you did as well.

The other thing I should mention is that; true to the definition of ascension, you will always be moving upward. Think of it like climbing stairs, just when you reached a landing, caught your breath and started feeling like you’ve got the hang of it–you look up and… “Oh shit, is that more stairs?!” And, that’s when you scream, laugh, cry and then, realize–the stairs behind you just disappeared, so it’s up, or stuck. I’m smiling to myself as I write this, because, I can only report it, because I’ve lived it. Please, please, I implore you–don’t lose your sense of humor. Laughter can never be underrated, and makes excellent medicine. My favorite Buddha is the laughing Buddha. There’s so much wisdom in laughter.

So, where are you going with all this ascension?? Um, where do you want to go? What are you after? I believe the overall answer can be summed up to this word–YOU. The trip, is an inside one. Who’s in there, what are they capable of, and how are you linked to everyone and everything? No matter how many books you read, or how many observations you make of other people’s experiences–you cannot not know, until you walk your own path. And, your path does not exist, until you take the first step, and it is created with each step thereafter.

There’s so much going on to distract us, isn’t there? If it’s not the weather, then it’s other people. But, you know what? At the end of the day–they are only distractions, and if you commit to your own truth, you’ll find that your desire to be whole supersedes the things outside of you. The changing of ourselves is how we change the world. Ripple effect, anyone? Throw yourselves into the oneness of the world, and watch how your energy permeates beyond you. We do this all the time, but, what if, you were actually aware of it? What kind of energy would you put into the oneness then? Hmm…???

The world is made up of little fractures, sparks, particles and specks. And, some of those things, on Terra Earth in particular, we refer to as “human.” Our species likes to “forget” we are part of the planet, and that we exist in its macrocosom. And, that our behavior on an individual level, is mutiplied expotentially, by the other humans. In other words: You are the SYSTEM that needs to be changed. If you don’t like the system, change it’s myraid of parts.  We like to pretend that things are happening “to us”, not “by us.” But, if you truly looked objectively at the world, you’d see some of the best and worst things about life here, can be attributed to us. And, that’s what the  call to “Wake up!” is about. Be conscious of who you are, what you do, and, how the whole is affected. It’s a great power, no? Indeed, but, you’ve been using it, and are using it, with each choice you make. And, just think about how many choices we make on any given day.

 –Now you want me to “think” about my choices??? Monica, you have some nerve! If I think about things, then you’ll expect me to stop talking about what’s wrong with the world, and “do” something!

 –Sweet souls, you’re already “thinking” and “doing”, you’ve just been doing it “asleep”, on “auto-pilot”, or “disconnected.” Wow, how many accidents happen when people aren’t conscious of what’s happening around them? Food for thought.

By the way, when you’ve hit a plateau, or stair “landing” and get frustrated, angry, scared, depressed, or just feel off–good news, you’re doing it right, and are readying yourself to ascend the next flight of stairs! Pausing for applause (hee hee)  A friend of mine recently made the discovery of all the things that come with the landing. He was feeling good for a while and then all of a sudden–frustration, dout and lack of confidence started creeping in. He told me that he felt like he was on his way to a “great shift”– hm, “great shift“?? Why does that sound familiar?! LMAO!!! Anyway, I corrected him, he was not on his way to a great shift, but, in the middle of a great shift. That’s our way of saying to ourselves, “Okay, I’ve rested enough. I’ve been so comfortable here on this landing, that now–I’m uncomfortable. It’s time to keep climbing!” That’s the process…

Now, I’ve told you the tough part. What’s the good stuff? Well… Peace in your core. Connecting with yourself and other souls with no effort, because after so much practice it comes easy to you. Never being thrown off-center by the chaos happening around you. Understanding when your thoughts are yours, or that of the world outside of you. Knowing the truth when you “feel” it. And, speaking your truth and living it, without fear. — Understanding yourself so well, that you allow abundance in every form you want, because you know in every fiber of your being, that–that’s how it was meant. Or, having such wisdom that you can help others with a kind word, a hug, or being the blessing they prayed for. When you’re conscious, the world and its colors seem as if its in technicolor–it’s just brighter. Laughter comes some easier. You truly love yourself, which makes loving everything and everyone around you easier. And, rather than controlling the world–you discipline yourself to understanding–that everyone has a choice. And, you honor it, even if you don’t agree.

So…this is what’s going on with this soul on her way, “up”. And, remember: you CAN do this! 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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