—I sent someone home yesterday… Trapped in between illusion and reality. Sometimes, we need one another to provide the clarity, to point the way, to be the light in the darkness for us.

When it was finished the air was crammed with silence. I was silent, and the peace was profound, and heavy. It felt good to do that for someone. It felt good to let someone know that no matter where they are in the universe, they are dearly loved, and missed. When our journey in this life is done, it’s nice to know that another is just beginning. I lit a candle for that beautiful soul. Namaste my friend…Welcome home.

As my personal journey continues, I find it’s easier to be who I am. Yet, I also find that it’s more difficult for some to be in my presence… It is well with my soul. If who I am causes discomfort, then surely…you have to be going. And, I will not try an stop you. Not everyone is growing at the same pace. –Not everyone chooses to evolve.

Relationships, all types have ebbed and flowed over the years. And, yet, still there is the steady stream of those in my life, who will be here always. All of it, a blessing. It’s good to be known for who I am, without all the confusion of typical human attributes, behaviors, and quirks. It’s good to be known at my core.

The new day, the new light, the new times are already here. And, so many know, and too many still do not. But, that is how it works. Someone has to pioneer, someone has to set the trail ablaze. Someone has to be first. Someone has to create the stepping stones for others to discover. To all the lightworkers, the starseeds, the indigos, the crystals, the rainbows…Namaste, In Lakesh, Espavo. We’re getting there.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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