Honestly, I wonder how people can stand life on automatic pilot. Seriously, is anyone home??? When you can walk down the street and walk into people like they aren’t there, or, nod your head, but, hear nothing, what’s the point??

When I was a kid I was obsessed with TV. But, the older I get the more I detest it. Part of it is definately that art has been taken over on a larger scale by big business. But, an even more disturbing truth is that people aren’t doing anything different. And, it’s as boring as a mutha–shut yo mouth! But, its true.

I never liked zombie movies, but, I feel that I navigate one all the time. I know that one of the reasons I purge some friendships is because I just don’t have the stomach for all the predictability. Everyone has that friend that has the same issues, with the same kind of people, for the same kind of situation, who will, always have the same kind or response. Jeez… turn the effin page already!

Orginality, when did that become taboo? When did thinking for yourself, as opposed to desperately needing a “guru” of some sort become wrong? Why is it when you challenge someone on their beliefs they start quoting other people?! Um…if you going to tell me your beliefs, why are you quoting some obsolete, possibly, more like probably, dead writer, great-thinker, philosopher, etc??? Their thoughts, though they wrote them down, are still theirs. It reflects their experience, NOT yours! So, telling me what Plato, Socrates, Jung, Cayce, Nietzche, or Freud said, doesn’t answer my questions about how you think.

Oh, the laziness of it all!!!!

People are so indundated with so much information, dogma, traditions and technology, they’ve totally become disengaged with their own thoughts and feelings. Thus, they find some sort of groove and live in that thing, until they’ve buried themselves. Not to mention, how many of these so-called “great-thinkers” felt confident that their way was “the” way. Okay, let’s backtrack, because their was what “the” way–for them. Which has nothing to do with you, because it wasn’t your experience!

So, I’m sitting here, watching in what my opinon is one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen! And, I’m thinking, do people know that their doing this?? And, then I have to remember my own experience in this journey called life. And, that’s when I realize that yes, yes, and by the way YES, you know! That quiet time, you know what I’m talking about–that quiet time where your conscience asks you what the fuck you’re doing here–AGAIN! And, you sit there listening to all its screaming having no answers, and no desire to get answers, but, the desire to make your conscience STFU. Because, if it stays quiet, you can continue to be a zombie with a life stuck on re-runs! Truly, its self-torture, and one of humanities most twisted lies we tell ourselves. It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s just easier–assuming you think emotional, psychic, mental and spiritual torture is easy. I don’t know, seems like quite the dog and pony show, filmed in smoke and mirrors, to me. And, not to mention, are you even having any fun?

Don’t believe me??? Look around you. Check the news, look at your TV, or anything else associate with humans… It’s the same three or four shows, over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and… Get the picture??? There’s a reason why people have become more extreme, it’s a desperate attempt to escape the re-run. Being extreme isn’t necessary, it’d be simpler and ,much more rewarding to just change the channel and tune into something else.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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