Okay…so, because I am an overachiever, I got up early again. 9:45am, to be exact and went to the city to the gym. No hard work outs today, today was and is Om day. What does that mean? It means, I take a t’ai chi class followed up by a yoga class. My body was still pretty soar after yestderday’s hike so, I needed to stretch out a lot. I don’t if anyone has ever taken t’ai chi before, but, it isn’t easy! The slow pace doesn’t bother me, so much as mantaining the flow of the chi. It can be challenging. Today was a good day because I was still a bit tired from the hike. And, actually, having a tired body can prove helpful in t’ai chi, I usually try an meditate before hand. It helps with the breathing and the pace. Yoga…was killer but, good. I did downward facing dog so many times today, that I’ll probably be dreaming about it. But, again, when your body gets to the point of exhaustion, it actually works better for you in yoga.

The journey on the inside continues… and I have to admit… I’m totally giddy about. Okay…more so than usual. If you were looking for a cranky, unpleasant, complainging blog…I’m afraid you’ve tuned into the wrong show! LOL

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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