Wow…I’m working really hard on this relaxing thing. And, I’m thankful for the time given me to do such. Did anyone else know I’m a workaholic? : ) Anyway, I’ve been getting sleep, which is nice, being social, going to yoga and being the nomadic artist I am.
I’ve been in observation of people (okay, I always am but…), and it just amazes me what people will do to protect their fragile egos. I’m beginning to think that all lies told are there to protect the ego from learning the truth about itself–it doesn’t exist. It made itself up. And, just behind the ego, is the real person, either refusing to come forth, or simply lost behind their ego. It will cause you do some seriously destructive things, the ego in it’s need to keep the lie going. People choose ego over love, over fairness toward one another and peace. Yes, peace. If you aren’t aware that war is caused by fragile egos…then, you’ve just been educated, congratulations.
My nephew once said to me, that he finds this world hard to live in, because everyone is so ugly, to themselves and one another. He’s a very wise young man. A lot of people feel the way he does, yet, are unable to put their feelings into words so eloquently. My nephew says that sometimes, it’s too much to bare, the constant warring. And, this is where I asked him, “Where is the real war taking place?” See, we see results in the physical world, but, that isn’t where things begin. So, I asked him, “Where is the real war?” I like to test him sometimes, just to see how wise he really is. And, you know what he said? “In me.” DAMN!!!!!  That’s the right answer!!!!!!! Did you know it? Did you know that ever war is started within ourselves, and then we recruit others to serve as our enemies, so we can avoid making peace within ourselves? Why? Because my dears, the ego doesn’t want to be vulnerable. It doesn’t want accept it doesn’t exist, because then you’d have to realize…we’re all one! And, when you and I realize that, it’s pretty hard to knowingly be awful to one another.
Mind you, what I’m saying isn’t news (at least not to me), but, there are those this will come as a shock to. Did you know that we’re one strand of DNA from being a lobster or a roach?! LOL…I’m not making this up, please feel free to to look at the scientific research. My point is, the gig is up, the ego seperates us, nothing more. It doesn’t solve the world’s problem, it IS the world’s problem. I’ve known this for quite a while, and therefore, it made me realize that I have no need to judge people, nor criticize them in anyway. We’re one, right? [And, life is about experience–notice how experience, and experiment have the same root word? Therefore, we’re all conducting a scientific experiement, we call life. And, your chemistry set, doesn’t have to produce the same results as mine.] So, I think on these things, when people behave the way they do. And, I know whatever we resist, persist.
So, yeah, I’m breathing and really taking in people and their motivations. And, it’s appalling how many people function on the ego’s fear. No wonder so many people think I’m weird, because I don’t have time for illusions. Not to mention, ego-saving doesn’t seem to result into happy people, who can love unconditionally. Yeah…I know, I’m weird. But, if you aren’t looking for happiness, passion and fulfillment, pray, tell me… why are you here?
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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