It’s been said, that I’m not like the other humans. In fact, the director on the film I’m producing says, I’m a warrior. When I get tired, it’s is a tired truly earned. Another man tells me that I must learn how to play as I am all business, and I stay too busy…. Hmm… they are both right. I am a warrior, and I’m not very good at making time for play. So…it is time for some changes to be made.
Watch closely as I metamophisize myself into a different type of warrior, who carries a flower just easily as she wields her sword. Listen as the wind of my fury becomes the ground that shakes beneath my words. And, the force of my presence, becomes as alluring as a siren’s song. Indeed, something is happening here, a transformation into something, someone new. The alarm has been sounded, the declaration made. The ocean brings from across the universe a wave of change, and I mean to ride it.
So, yes,  I realize, I’m not like the other kids… Heehee…I’ve always known. And, those who know me know this as well. I am not a conformist, I have no desire to fit in. I’ll dance to the beat of my own drummer. Yes, even if I’m the only one dancing.
The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, is a natural one, no? Yet, it is indeed the transformation of an earthbound animal, into one of the air. The creating of the cocoon and the time spent in transformation has to be one of the most vulnerable and dangerous times for the caterpillar. Anything can happen while it sleeps and processes it’s new molecular structure. Yet, it does so, with courage, with grace, with knowing. And, what emerges is a thing of beauty. Yes… I like that. I’m down for that cause.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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